All about how to clean blinds of any type quickly and efficiently

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Blinds are a good and practical way to protect yourself from the sun’s rays and at the same time decorate the interior. Every owner of this type of curtains knows that over time a layer of dust forms on them. In order to keep them clean and tidy, they need to be washed periodically. And then the question arises: how to wash blinds quickly? It is important to do it correctly, because because of the different designs and materials, some are washed with water, while others are vacuumed and wiped down. Knowing a few simple rules, washing them will not be a difficult task for you.

Basic types of blinds

Blinds by design come in two types:

  • Vertical;
  • Horizontal.

At the same time, they can also differ in the material from which they are made. According to the type of material they can be:

  • Plastic;
  • Wooden;
  • Fabric;
  • Bamboo;
  • Aluminum.

For different types of blinds, you will have to choose the most effective cleaning method and detergent. So before you wash your blinds, make sure that the method you choose is right for you.

Ways to Wash Blinds

There are two basic cleaning methods for all such blinds.

Washing the blinds in the bathroom

The first method is to remove them and wash them in the bathroom. This method is used when the blinds are very dirty.

For vertical blinds:

  • First, you should clean them from dust with special dry cleaning products, then take them to the bathroom;
  • It is important to know that you should not use a washing machine, as this will affect the quality of the blinds themselves, as well as not to use too hot water;
  • You should soak them in warm water with a good detergent, do not roll them up or bend them;
  • Wait about 10-15 minutes and wash each strip with a soft brush;
  • Then dry well, without wringing, and attach to the profile;
  • You can attach weights to level the elements.

Wash the blinds in the bathroom

If you don’t know how to wash horizontal blinds, follow this procedure:

  • Due to their location, such curtains accumulate more dust on themselves. Before washing, you must remove and wipe off any accumulations with an ordinary rag;
  • Next, you should move the blinds to the “closed” position and use a shower to wash them with warm water while wiping them with a sponge;
  • After washing, thoroughly wipe each lamella with a dry cloth and reattach it in place.

If the soiling is severe, you can use laundry detergent. Since it is quite easy to wash horizontal blinds, it does not take much time:

  • You should roll them up and soak them for a few minutes;
  • After that, sponge all soiled areas and rinse thoroughly;
  • Then let them dry to prevent the lamellae from sticking together, and hang them in the open position for complete drying.

Wash the blinds directly on the window

This method is the most convenient, because it is much easier to quickly wash blinds without removing them from the window, and even an inexperienced housewife can cope with it.

Let’s figure out how to wash blinds without removing them from the window, if they are upright:

  • These structures do not adhere to dust because they are impregnated with a special composition. Therefore, the easiest way to clean them is to use a vacuum cleaner;
  • After that, all you have to do is wipe the strips with a damp cloth, and the cleaning is done.

How to clean blinds without removing them from the window

How to wash horizontal blinds without removing them:

  • First, you need to wipe each lamella with a dry rag to remove the dust;
  • Then run a cloth over the closed louvers to clean the monitors.

This method is quick in time, and no streaks will be left on the strips. You can also use regular wipes moistened with water, but you should wipe the surface immediately with a dry cloth to avoid streaks.

If the dirt is more serious than ordinary dust, for example, grease stains, then a dishwashing detergent is suitable. It can be diluted in water, wiped with a soft sponge on all lamellae, then wiped thoroughly and dry.

Wash the blinds right on the window

How to wash blinds made of different materials

Since properly cleaning blinds is our main concern, let’s try to figure out which cleaning method is most appropriate for the different materials from which blinds can be made:

  • Plastic blinds, which are most commonly used in the kitchen, should be cleaned immediately with a soapy solution. Since kitchen blinds can be quite problematic to clean because of grease and even soot buildup, these blinds should be pre-cleaned from large accumulations of dirt before washing them;
  • Wooden slats and elements should never be washed with alkaline products and under running water. It is better to use a cloth moistened in a soapy solution and wrung out: run it over the dirty areas and then wipe them dry. It is recommended to use polishing and antistatic agents for this type of blinds;
  • Clean fabric blinds with a vacuum cleaner and a damp, soapy sponge. If they are very dirty (heavy stains, grease) they cannot be cleaned without removing the blinds from the window. The blinds will need to be disassembled, removed from the fabric, then soaked in a solution of mild detergent and rinsed under running water. The fabric dries naturally;
  • Bamboo curtains cannot be washed under running water. To clean them it is recommended to use a vacuum cleaner and a wet brush. They should be dried in the sun;
  • Since it is impossible to wash aluminum blinds quickly without noticeable deformation of the strips, it is advisable to take your time in this endeavor. Powders and sponges with abrasive particles as well as alkaline products should not be used. Aluminum lamellas should also be protected against the formation of salts from water on them.

How to clean blinds made of different materials

Beyond that, there are a few basic rules that must be followed for all types of blinds and materials:

  • Make sure that the detergents used do not contain large amounts of alkali;
  • Do not allow water to enter the top profile;
  • Try not to allow excessive and ingrained soiling, and periodically clean the louvers of dust and remove stains as they appear;

Following these simple guidelines will make cleaning blinds windows quick and easy.