Cure bed bugs from the apartment by yourself with folk remedies

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No room is immune to the appearance of insects, they can settle even in the cleanest rooms, in which every day is carried out cleaning. Why so? So what to do if pests have become tenants of your home? How can you get bed bugs out of your apartment for good?

Ways to control bed bugs at home

Bed bugs are dangerous to humans, they can bite, thereby carrying serious infectious diseases, and they also spoil the aesthetic appearance in the kitchen, bedroom, living room, hiding behind sofas or linen closets.

When fighting parasites, you need to act quickly and effectively so that they don’t have time to lay eggs and have new offspring. If there are few bed bugs in the apartment, you can try using folk methods.

How to get rid of bed bugs without using chemicals?

Here are some folk ways to get rid of bed bugs from your apartment on your own and safely for the health of your household:

  • Place fresh wormwood herb around the room;
  • use various substances with a pungent odor, wash floors and problem areas with vinegar, alcoholic infusion of valerian root, turpentine;
  • freeze the parasites if the temperature outside the window will be more than 20 degrees, take outdoors furniture, linen, carpets, pillows, blankets, keep in the frost for at least two days;
  • scald with boiling water or use a steam cleaner, the jet of which will be able to reach even the most hard-to-reach places;
  • You can also use a morning sound repellent or a mosquito repellent plate.

The big disadvantage of such manipulations is that bed bugs, with the slightest chance of survival, quickly return, and they become more aggressive, capable of biting and damaging household items.

How do you get the parasites out by more radical methods?

On the market you can find many drugs that effectively fight the unwanted inhabitants of the house. Almost all drugs are toxic, and therefore it is important to strictly follow the safety measures that are specified in the instructions.

Attention: there is a new development from bed bugs – microcapsule emulsion, the drug is applied to the problem areas and retains its activity for several months, releasing the substance insecticide.

What to poison bed bugs in the apartment on your own? Popular insect repellents:

  • “Executioner” – German-made, has a paralytic effect on pests;
  • “Klopomor” – a Russian development, the drug is toxic, and therefore should be used only in an empty apartment, without household members or animals;
  • “Combat” is a good remedy against bed bugs, made in Korea, gives the impression of an air freshener;
  • “Carbofos” – affordable and easy to use, suitable for use in rural areas, to treat large premises.

Warning: If the drug did not have the desired activity, the second treatment should be carried out after 7-10 days in order to get rid of insect larvae and eggs.

Before removing house bugs from the apartment with toxic agents, it is necessary to hermetically pack all food, dishes, toys, books and other household items. Completely free the dwelling, and then proceed to thoroughly treat every corner of the house.

If there are a lot of parasites, you should not waste your time and effort, and you need to call workers of specialized services. This is the only way to be sure that the pests will leave your premises once and for all.

Now you know how to remove bed bugs from the apartment quickly and qualitatively, let these unwanted guests no longer bother your home!