Ever Given Thought to Being a Housekeeper? There’s More to it Than You Might Think
Posted by: Maid in Your Hometown on: August 19, 2020

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job market for maids and housekeepers in the USA is expected to grow up by 8 percent by 2020. But, you don’t have to pursue this line of work as somebody else’s servant. A knack for cleaning and a brain for business can turn into big profits for a self-employed housekeeper. You can take on customers personally and fix your hours and rates.

Brand Name

Keeping a name to use for invoices and marketing purposes can give credibility to your business. Choose a business name that captures the essence of your company, such as efficient and fast. You can also consider names that portray your business as reliable, trustworthy, or amiable, or you can make people envision a neat and orderly home. Alternatively, you might pick a trendy, eye-catching name that doesn’t necessarily define your business but can help prospective clients remember you.

Requirements of Business

When you feel ready to commence your business, reach your county clerk’s office or a related agency to get licensing information. Most cities require a license even if you have a solo operation. Normally, you’ll have to pay a fee, fill an application describing your business, and list the location from which you will operate. You can utilize your home as your base of operations to store supplies, maintain records, and contact customers.

Bonding And Licensing

Most homeowners will feel more comfortable employing you if you obtain bonding and insurance. Also, insurance has your back if a client or third party files a claim for property damage or personal injury. Look for business liability insurance for business damage and auto coverage for the vehicle you travel in to and from customers. Think of getting a surety bond that guarantees your customers don’t suffer financial loss due to broken agreements or theft.

Gain Experience

Before planning to start as a self-employed housekeeper, obtain some experience as a worker. In this way, gaining experience offers you to improve your knowledge of housekeeping tasks, master skills, and learn how to accomplish cleaning jobs as quickly as possible. The more efficiently and speedily you complete your job, the more your customers will be willing to pay for your assistance. Also, getting experience as an employee allows you to gather references that might help you attain future clients.

Buy Bulk Supplies

Paying too much for cleaning supplies, including rags, cleaning liquids, sponges, polishers, cleansers, can reduce your overall profits. Locate an industrial supply firm nearby and purchase supplies in bulk. Usually, bulk costs allow significant savings. If you’re unable to acquire the required quantities from your local supply stores, check the local warehouse clubs’ prices.
Invest In Advertising

Select a service area, for instance, your state or your town and the surrounding neighborhoods, and promote your business through a combination approach. Hand out your business cards and brochures to all you come across, display ads in newspapers, request to leave fliers in your local stores and connect with the city residents using direct mail.

Cleaning Equipment

Though some customers will allow you to use their cleaning equipment, many will expect you to bring your own. Equipment must include a carpet cleaner, vacuum, mop, bucket, and a broom. If you are cleaning windows, you may also require a step ladder or stool. Additionally, a vehicle with your company/business name and contact number on it can give continuous advertising while giving you the space to carry your tools.

How to begin your journey as a housekeeper

This step-by-step guide will help you compete for any housekeeping job, including those in high-end establishments:

Finish your high school education: A high school education can prepare you for a successful career in housekeeping by providing general literacy, basic math, and communication skills.

Gain familiarity with cleaning activities: Learn to complete basic housekeeping tasks, such as meticulously cleaning a bathroom, adequately cleaning floors from the front to the back, making a bed with square corners, and neatly folding towels into thirds.

Acquire entry-level experience: The majority of housekeeping jobs are entry-level. Considering you’re a first-time housekeeper, you might need to start in smaller establishments.

Apply to local housekeeping jobs: Check job vacancies for housekeepers, house cleaners, maids, and other related terms to find employment in your area.

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