Get rid of greasy stains on pants the first time: tips, recommendations

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Regardless of the neatness of man, stains have a nasty feature to periodically “decorate” the items of clothing. But it is not always possible to remove them, and even with the first time! However, it is not necessary to write off the affected pants, transferring them into the category of clothes for work in the country. It is worth to use the recommendations of the wise women of life, capable of using improvised means, without damaging the fabric, to return the pristine cleanliness of things. The main advice of the wisest is that the earlier you catch it, the better the chances to get the stains out.

How to wash greasy stains on pants with store remedies

A trip to a restaurant or cooking in the home kitchen, a trip on public transport or a vacation in nature left marks on pants in the form of grease stains? Faced with such a problem, you can use the services of dry cleaning or try to remove the dirt yourself. But how to remove grease stains from pants without negative consequences? Initially, the information of the manufacturer, set out on the label of the product, is studied. Based on the characteristics of the fabric, select an option that is not contraindicated to this type of fabric. It is worth taking a closer look at the products, which are in abundance on the supermarket shelves, and opt for the best option in terms of affordability and effectiveness.

  1. Soap “Antipyatin” – one of the proven means, proven to be excellent. You need to soap the problem area and leave soaked for a couple of hours. Then wash and rinse thoroughly.
  2. You should try Vanish if the trouser manufacturer has no restrictions on the substances in its composition. But it is necessary to remember that the applied stain remover should not dry on the clothes, because it can finally ruin your favorite pants.
  3. How to wash a grease stain on pants, if the product, according to the manufacturer’s instructions, it is contraindicated to wash in the usual way. To the rescue will come a pencil for cleaning clothes The necessary area should be moistened, rub the pencil until the formation of foam, leave for 30-40 minutes, then gently wipe with a damp clean cloth the place where there was previously a stain. With the help of such a pencil effectively washed oily, greasy traces on pants, but should be used with caution on fabrics with unstable dyes.

Warning. It is better to try any of the above remedies on an inconspicuous part of the pants or a scrap of fabric so as not to spoil the product.

How to remove grease from pants with folk remedies

Housewives who do not trust store remedies or do not have the opportunity to buy them at the moment, can use improvised means, which can be found in any house. Fresh stains are removed faster and easier.

  1. If grease spat on your pants, you should not smear it on the fabric, but try as neatly as possible to remove it from the clothes. It is necessary to put a paper napkin to the place of contamination, changing it until the paper surface is without grease marks. Then you should generously sprinkle the stain with salt, refreshing it periodically, which will help the grease soak into the crystals.
  2. Ordinary paper and an iron can save pants from grease stains, but only if the fabric can withstand extremely high temperatures. To do this, sprinkle the grease stain with talc, ground chalk or starch, cover with a clean sheet of paper and then iron with a hot iron. The procedure is repeated, changing the loose mixture until the stain disappears.
  3. Vegetable oil, accidentally stained pants can be removed by a sheet of paper and an iron (do not sprinkle anything on the stain). Iron, constantly changing the paper, until the stain disappears.
  4. Grandma’s way will suit those who do not know how to wash a grease stain on sports pants. You need to take ammonia alcohol, grated laundry soap and turpentine in a ratio of 2:2:1, make a paste, which should be applied to the pollution and leave for a couple of hours, then wash the product recommended by the manufacturer.
  5. White or light pants made of fabric with a stable dyeing can be rid of stains with a solution of water and ammonia in a ratio of 2:1. It is necessary to wipe the pollution with a moistened cotton disk, leave for 20-30 minutes, then wash the item. No traces of the stain will remain.
  6. Light-colored pants made of fine wool can be saved from greasy stains with toothpaste or tooth powder, which are applied locally to the soiled area.
  7. Shaving foam can also remove greasy stains.

In most cases, these methods will get rid of fresh stains. The laundering of old stains, on the other hand, requires a lot of effort and time.

How to remove grease from pants folk remedies

How to wash a stale grease stain on pants

Due to inattention or lack of elementary ability to immediately begin to eliminate dirt on pants misses time, allowing dirt and grease to soak into the fabric fibers. How to wash grease stains on sports pants, if they are not detected immediately? This often happens, because going to a picnic, to the hospital the preference is given to sports suits that are comfortable and do not constrain movement. But appetizing meals in nature or healing ointments can reward pants with stubborn stains, getting rid of which is problematic.

  1. Experienced hostesses recommend reanimating pants even with persistent greasy stains, preliminarily “freshening” the stain, for this purpose treat the problem area with hot steam. After such treatment, the stain is removed as fresh, by any means suitable for the type of fabric.
  2. A gentle way for the fabric is to use a dishwashing detergent that can do battle with greasy stains on pants. A drop of Fairy, without diluting, is applied to the stain and gently rubs the gel compound into the fabric in movements from the edges of the stain to the center. If the fabric is “tolerant” of high temperatures, a little hot water should be added on top. The garment is left alone for half an hour, after which you can wash the pants, following the manufacturer’s recommendations on the label.
  3. Turpentine or purified gasoline is applied with a cotton pad to an old grease stain, having first cleaned the surface of the stain of dust.
  4. Machine oil stains can be removed with magnesia powder, ammonia alcohol and ether, taken in equal proportions.
  5. A great helper in the fight against stains on pants is potato flour, diluted with water to a mushy state. The mixture is applied to the stains, and after drying, it is carefully removed and the problem area is treated with a cotton pad soaked in purified gasoline.
  6. How to wash greasy pants made of delicate fabrics such as velour, silk, guipure or velvet? They can be cleaned from stains using glycerin, ammonia and water in equal parts. The composition is applied to the stain, the product is wrapped in cellophane for 3 hours, then washed in the usual way.

How to wash a stale grease stain on pants

Despair at the discovery of greasy stains on your favorite pants should not be discouraged, because the above tricks can save the product. But here, as with doctors, the main motto – do no harm! When removing stains with history, each of the means should be tested on an inconspicuous part of the pants, because they can destroy the fabric structure.