Hand sanitizer for your hands

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The pandemic has forced the whole world to remember to follow the rules of sanitation and hygiene. Simple rules save lives, and this is fully confirmed by the fight against coronavirus and the recommendations of epidemiologists.

Hand sanitizer

Their recommendations are elementary: reduce the amount of contact with people, everyone who can, switch to remote work and not go outside at all, others only when necessary (to work, get groceries, walk the dog), wear a mask in public, wash hands with soap.

It’s not complicated, is it? The main thing is for everyone to follow these rules.

Laundry soap – cheap and effective

Laundry soap
Laundry soap

The first thing to do is to wash your hands regularly with soap and water. The fact is that most often the virus is contained on our hands – we pick it up when we touch surfaces that have been touched or sneezed on by an infected person. And then with our own hands we send the virus into our body in the right and nourishing environment for it. It gets in through the mouth and mucous membranes (believe me, you touch your face with your hands all the time, just unknowingly).

Due to the spread of coronavirus, Cleaning Expert recommends that when you return home or walk into the office from the street the first thing to do is to wash your hands well with soap and water under running water.

The most common household soap is ideal. Here are just some arguments in its favor:

  • Laundry soap is an alkaline base that best kills the virus;
  • The military is instructed to use laundry soap in contamination and bacteriological attack areas, and the military won’t advise against it;
  • it makes no sense to buy a more expensive bactericidal agent: a virus is not a bacterium;
  • laundry soap is very cheap, up to 10 hryvnias.

How to wash your hands properly?

Hands should be washed under running water (if there is none, you can do with a basin, but better – under a running stream) and not less than 20 seconds. Particular attention should be paid to the areas under the nails and between the fingers, as people tend to forget about them. You can watch Gordon Ramsay, the famous Michelin chef, wash his hands – he knows exactly how to keep them clean.

The same laundry soap should be used to wash your face, and also to clean your sinuses. The best way to do this is to use cotton swabs. The head of the sanitary and epidemiological service of Ukraine Svyatoslav Protas describes the process of proper hygienic care in detail.

Antiseptics – you can, if carefully

If you don’t have a tap of water or soap on hand, you can use antiseptics (in the form of a spray or gel). They need to treat your hands for the same 20-40 seconds, without missing a single inch of the surface. But often use hand sanitizer It is not worth it: it is based on alcohol or other substances that can cause allergies. And any antiseptic dries the skin, making it more sensitive to pathogens. In addition, antiseptic fights viruses worse than soap, so you should still wash your hands at the first opportunity.

Still, antiseptic is better than nothing, so always go outside with antiseptic spray in your pocket.

Hand sanitizer for your hands

Hand antiseptic for hand disinfection
Hand sanitizer

All the antiseptics are sold out and you can’t find them by day? Not a problem – it can be Make it with your own hands..

This will require:

  1. Ethanol 96% (83 grams);
  2. Glycerol 98% (1.4ml);
  3. Hydrogen peroxide 3% (4 ml);
  4. 100 ml of distilled water.

All of these can be bought at the drugstore. Mix the ingredients and add 100 ml of distilled or cooled boiled water, close the container carefully to keep air out and leave it for 72 hours. After 3 days you have an excellent antiseptic.

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