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As global efforts begin demanding more sustainable practices in social, economic, and personal pursuits, the onus to exercise environmental-preservation techniques falls onto the individual. Sustainability is a shared responsibility; individuals, en masse, participating in more “green” initiatives benefit the world in which we live on a large scale. Home cleaning can be an essential activity in living sustainably. Decluttering and recycling are an effective strategy to cleaning one’s home. Removing unneeded items and bringing them to appropriate recycling centers can conserve natural resources and preventing pollution. Recycling can also mean repurposing or donating goods as well and can achieve similar, ecological benefits by decreasing future production and consumption of new materials.

Decluttering a home means disposing of unneeded or unusable items. However, these items can often be recycled, such as batteries, fluorescent light bulbs, paints, pesticides, household cleaners, motor oil, paper, or plastic (Hadish, 2009). Instead of disposing of them in the garbage, these items can be brought to local recycling centers. Reducing the number of recyclable items in waste landfills is a sustainable contribution as it cuts both landfill costs and greenhouse gas emissions. For example, when a city-wide, recycling initiative was implemented in a community in Thailand to recycle items rather than dispose of them in the trash, 16.80 percent of greenhouse gas emissions were avoided. Landfill costs also dropped by 11.57 percent. (Challcharoenwattana and Pharino, 2015). It is evident when individuals, even on a community-level, recycle items they have decluttered from their homes, which can positively impact the environment.

What Is The Best Strategy To Clean Your House In An Environmental Friendly Way?

Thesis Statement

We must take care of our environment even when doing the most mundane things. For instance, while cleaning our houses, it is important to consider using methods that are not harmful to the environment.

 Use Lemon and Baking Soda

Lemons and baking soda are exceptionally good natural cleaners. Lemons have powerful antiseptic and antibacterial properties and they are deodorizers because of their high acidity. Use it to wash your copper pans, plastic containers, and microwave to remove stains and return them to their former glory. Rub some of it on your chopping board to disinfect it (Kate whiting, 2008). Baking soda, which is also known as sodium bicarbonate, is a mildly alkaline substance that acts as a deodorant, gently abrasive, and needless to add a natural cleaner. To get desired results while cleaning rusted surfaces, mix baking soda and water to make a thick paste. A much more light mixture is effective on grease.

Use Alternative Air Purifiers

Plants like rosemary, spider plants, and peace lilies can be used in place of air fresheners because they are natural and do not have toxic chemicals that harm the environment (Luisa Rollenhagen, 2017).

What is the Evolution of House Cleaning Services?


Home cleanliness is of high importance to human beings and a habit considered next to godliness, regardless of any prevalent social or background differences. Over the years, human shelters have changed, and as such, people should be flexible and quickly adapt to the cleaning methods, as well as supplies used to enhance neatness. Therefore, it is essential to consider important elements used to maintain tidiness, such as freshwater and detergents. Clean water is vital, considering that it promotes good health. Proper cleaning techniques assist in the eradication of diseases such as cholera and smallpox.

House cleaning services have improved in comparison to previous years due to various factors. For instance, the discovery of bacteria by practitioners led to the invention of antiseptic used for bathing and cleaning bathrooms and clothes (Mariani & Borghi, 2019). There are also safe green products, which are safe for pets and the environment, for instance, vinegar and baking soda. Due to recent technological advancements, modern cleaning tools have made cleaning tasks easier. One of the most significant cleaning equipment is the vacuum cleaner, which can be safely used at home in the presence of children.


In the past, the less privileged worked as cleaners. Fast forward to today, several companies offer cleaning services to clients at a fee. House cleaning services have several benefits. For example, individuals who work on a full-time basis are able to save time and energy. On the other hand, practitioners involved in the cleaning services earn a living by delivering quality services to clients. People should be flexible and quickly adapt to changes in regards to the evolution of house cleaning services.



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