How a Cleaning Lady Can Rescue Your Marriage
Posted by: Maid in Your Hometown on: August 13, 2020

Contrary to popular belief, it’s healthy for spouses to fight ever now and then. Research has shown that married couples who argue over important matters are happier than couples who dismiss their arguments.

Additionally, studies have shown that excessive quarreling over specific issues can drive a wedge between married couples. For instance, housework is a heated topic of debate in many American homes. Is delegating house chores a problem in your home?

Hiring a cleaning lady for your house could be the solution to all your problems. A recent Harvard study found that spending money on a home cleaning service could support and even save your marriage; if housework has turned into a monstrous issue for you and your partner. Most people don’t employ help due to the costs involved—or perhaps because they feel guilty, they have to use outside resources in the first place. If ticking this tedious task off your to-do list isn’t enough to convince you, these reasons might:

Relaxing at Home Becomes More Pleasant

You and your partner probably have kids that don’t allow you to spend a lot of quality time outside the home. Therefore, you should make your home a peaceful place, somewhere you and your spouse can enjoy your valuable time together.

You and your spouse can do plenty of activities right in the privacy of your home to spend time with each other. From binging a series on Netflix to playing chess or monopoly to doing a puzzle together, you can get a decent amount of quality time indoors.

Also, having someone who shows up to clean your home twice a week or so, you wouldn’t worry about some relaxing and lying back with your spouse. Everything from your furniture to your flooring will be neat and tidy, making hanging out at home comfortable for both you and your partner.

Time-saving Purchases Promote Happier Relationships

Researchers at the University of British Columbia and Harvard Business School looked at several studies of cohabitating adults in long-term relationships, including over 3,000 participants, to examine if buying time can improve a couple’s relationship. All seven studies came to a similar conclusion: People who spent money on time-saving purchases felt more content about their relationship. The purchase keeps the couple safe from the negative effects of relationship stress and helps them enjoy more quality time together, as reported by The New York Times.

Of course, throwing money on housecleaning and landscaping your lawn may seem like the obvious answer to relationship disputes. Still, it’s no trivial matter: The paper mentioned above points to another study that discovered that “disagreements about housework” are the cause for 25 percent of people who break up and as one of the biggest reasons for getting a divorce.

Curiously enough, the best way to utilize a couple’s money is to spend it on everyday chores. According to the paper, there’s evidence that time-saving purchases will most probably enhance happiness when couples face controllable stressors. So, the most satisfied couples maybe people who spend their discretional income to help them cope better with everyday nuisances.

Time-saving Expenditures Also Make for Happier Individuals

Buying time increases an individual’s happiness, as well. A study in 2017 found that people reported feeling better after spending 40 dollars on a time-saving purchase instead of spending a similar amount on a material purchase for themselves. Interestingly, there exists a limit to satisfaction from outsourcing tasks. Various researchers have discovered that paying $100 to $200 per month for cleaning services optimized satisfaction, but spending more than that led to a decline.

An even more surprising fact about the results is that they were consistent even in controlled income situations. There’s a powerful relationship between buying time and satisfaction among people from low-income groups. The findings indicate that even when the cash is tight, it may be worth budgeting a little to remove the unpleasant burden of chores off your shoulders.

Although it is not entirely surprising—who wouldn’t feel more content with their spouse if they didn’t feel the enormous pressure of deciding how to divide chores?—the findings may be helpful to employers when determining how they can support their busy employees and their families.

Can Hiring A House Cleaner Save Your Marriage? See It To Believe It

Are you exhausted from arguing with your partner about who is going to do the chores this week? Is stress sucking the happiness out of your relationship and bringing misery to you and your spouse’s life? Do you yearn for a way to spend more quality time with your loved one?

Give a ring and see how employing a house cleaner or cleaning lady can help save your marriage. We can help you connect with and hire the top cleaning professionals in your area and make the booking of a cleaning service a piece of cake!

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