How often should the bedding be changed?

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Every housewife wonders. How often should the linens be changed?. Many women read literature on how to keep the house clean, etc.
Surely in such books they write that if the laundry is not changed regularly, there will be a disaster, all family members will begin to get sick and it will be on the conscience of the mistress.
Let’s find out if this is true!

How often should the underwear be changed?

Scientists in biology or dermatology will tell you that your linens should be changed once a week. Why a week?

Experts have given a list of reasons that argue for this figure:

  1. Over the course of a week, large amounts of keratinized cells accumulate on the bed, which can be an attractant for bed bugs.
  2. The oily secretion from the sebaceous glands leaves hard to remove stains on the bed that even “Whitewash” won’t wash out.
  3. Lingerie needs to be changed as often as your everyday clothes.
  4. Night sweats. A person sweats up to 1 liter of sweat a night. It is necessary to change the bed often, because it is unacceptable to sleep in one’s own sweat.
  5. Unpleasant odor provoked by sweat and sebum secretion.
  6. Dust and dirt can cause the development of fungus.
  7. Dust and dirt can provoke asthma, allergies, and other respiratory diseases.

Tip: Wash your laundry at 90 degrees, it is guaranteed to get rid of harmful microorganisms three times more effectively.

Img 1
Washing at 90 degrees.

What happens if you don’t change your laundry for 2-3 weeks?

Absolutely nothing will happen. Tell me, have you ever seen a seriously ill person who was diagnosed with an incurable disease caused by not changing his underwear after 7 days, but after 14 days?
Neither have we! So let’s be objective!

  • Everyone is different. Some sweat more, some sweat less. Some have oily skin, some have dry skin. One is sensitive to dust, and the other doesn’t mind lumps under the bed.
  • Naturally, we’re not urging you to be sloppy. But, we do want to make the point that common sense should be present when doing laundry, washing, and cleaning.
  • Believe me, most bacteria, with the exception of fungi, are completely harmless. You don’t want to kill them with whitewashing, boiling, or harsh chemicals, which can cause more serious problems than not changing your laundry for 14 days.
  • It is impossible to say an exact figure that will determine the need for a change of linens. This question is an individual one. If a person is sensitive to dust, allergic to dust mite products, then the bed should be changed as often as necessary.

Do I need to iron my bedding after washing it?

Ironing linen takes a lot of time and effort. Especially if you have to iron a modern euro set with a sheet on elastic bands.

Img 2

Yes, ironing linens is one principle of the responsible hostess scenario. But, there are women who physically do not have time to iron the linens due to busyness. We hasten to reassure busy ladies, because nothing terrible will happen if you sleep on unironed linens.

Few people realize that grease, keratinized cells, microscopic mites and other microorganisms accumulate not on the linens, but more inside the mattress and pillows. If the sleeper has a sensitivity to microorganisms or dust, it is worth paying more attention to disinfecting the mattress and pillows.

To summarize.

It’s up to you to decide how often to change your bedding, based on the individuality of your own body.
If your bed continues to be fresh for 10-14 days and you don’t suffer from allergies, you shouldn’t add extra hassle with laundry and ironing to your schedule just because experts recommend it.