How to Advertise and Grow your Cleaning Company to Get New Clients
Posted by: Maid in Your Hometown on: July 30, 2020

With a low cost for entry and little presence of big companies in the market, the cleaning services is one of the most lucrative industries for small business entrants. Entrepreneurs in this field understand that despite the relatively risk-free nature of this segment, smart marketing is the key to attract new client towards your business. They realize that continued growth and survival is critical for cleaning business’s success.

Once you have initiated your business, you may wonder where you can target your potential customers and how to promote your business accordingly. To make matters easier, we have compiled a list of ideas with which you can efficiently market and grow your company to attract new customers.

Advertising for Cleaning Services

Advertising your cleaning company is the best way to let customers know you exist and to generate new leads. However, with so many marketing and promotion ideas available, it is difficult to determine which one is more suitable for your service. The primary mistakes business owners make focusing on marketing tactics rather than strategies. So, before diving into the ideas of promotion, make sure that you have a clear policy in your mind.

Set Your Goals

One of the critical aspects of promotion and effective marketing is to set a clear goal in your mind. Everybody initiates a business with a specific target in mind but tend to steer away from it as time passes. To identify the standing of your company among other cleaning services, take some time to reflect on the goal you started with in comparison to what your business looks like in your mind and what is involved in reaching that point. Define your goals, whether it is about happy customers, satisfied employees or contended owners, and set your growth strategies around that goal.

Use the Power of Social Media

Social media has proved its usefulness to effectively grow and advertise businesses. This is because social media targets customers according to business demographics that results in a response from a potential client in need of your service/product. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc. are places to promote your cleaning services effectively to a targeted audience. You can keep your existing customer base up-to-date and attract new ones by keeping your messages relevant and concise. Visual advertising also produces a significant impact of social media marketing strategy. You have countless options to grow your portfolio using social media.

Digital Marketing

Today, traditional marketing has been replaced to some extent by digital marketing strategies. Digital marketing has paved the way for entrepreneurs to use cost-effective marketing methods like Google Ads, Yelp, and Facebook Ads etc. Digital marketing helps you reach specific customers in specific regions and may provide excellent results for your cleaning company. Try consulting a digital marketing specialist as a start if you have no knowledge regarding online marketing techniques. They can come up with effective strategies to promote and grow your portfolio and reach a relevant audience. Keep in mind, for a digital presence; you need to have a website or at least a landing page that can direct your clients to the right point if they click your ad. Having digital presence will prove to be an excellent asset for your business and its growth.

Set Yourself Apart From the Competition

If you want your cleaning services promotion to attract new customers, you have to set yourself aside from your competition. Clients want to know what you can do that other services do not offer. You can start assessing your competition to differentiate yourself; for example, if your competition offers a weekly cleaning deal, counter it by providing a bi-weekly deal. This is a simple example that gives you an idea about differentiating yourself to become attractive in the eyes of a potential client. Have open communication with your clients through blogs, emails or promotional deals to keep them in a long-term relationship loop. In short, focus on the needs that require attention and work on them to reap the benefits before your competition.

Ask For Referrals

Referrals are among the best ways to promote your cleaning company. Word of mouth advertisement is among a trusted channel of advertising as people believe a service referred by their friends or family members, and they make long-term clients if provided with a quality service. However, asking for referrals can be difficult and tricky for which you can take a three-step process in the notice. These include targeting the right clients, waiting for a suitable time to ask, and offer an incentive against a referral. Once you land a reference, chances are you will gain a network that is sure to grow with your services.

Final Word

Successful promotion of your cleaning services depends on what you are comfortable with, and which strategy proves useful in attracting customers. To make yourself successful and grow, you need to follow a golden rule, and that is to remain committed and honest since you are working in personal space of people and you have to show them your services are reliable for their needs.

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