How to Choose a House Cleaning Service
Posted by: Maid in Your Hometown on: August 19, 2020

We all know how tiresome daily chores housework can get. For many people, especially homeowners, the upkeep of your house can be a never-ending battle when you have so many different tasks lined up on your plate. Truth be told, hiring a house cleaning service in the USA can prove to be one of the best decisions you can make, besides saving tons of time you’ll also get some precious time back in your life to do something you genuinely enjoy.

The choices for house cleaning services are countless: you can decide to go for an esteemed cleaning company where you’re assured of working with vetted and reliable home cleaners. It might be just as easy to hire an individual to work with regularly.

To guide in finding the right cleaning service for your requirements, here are some factors to weigh while choosing a cleaning service for your home.

1. Factor In Trustworthiness

Reliability should be one of the most important factors to consider before you make a hire. Undoubtedly, your cleaners are going to spend a significant amount of time in your home to perform their services, and you won’t always be present to keep a check on what they are doing.

You should make sure to hire cleaning crews and to be able to trust the cleaners that serve your home. Inquire the cleaning company you want to hire about what security checks they currently have to ensure your family’s and home’s safety.  At Maid In Your Hometown, we personally interview and vet all our cleaners to ensure we offer our customers reliable services.

2. Strive For Unconflicting Schedules

Before checking out home cleaning services, you need to decide how often you want the cleaner or maid to come to your house. Decide how much and what you need to clean. More importantly, you need to determine the frequency of cleaning in your home.

Perhaps you want to have your home cleaned by trusted professional cleaners once a week or simply need a big sweep twice a month? These are a few of the starting points you’ll need to consider when hiring a cleaning company.

3. Communicate Your Expectations

A crucial part of employing a cleaning company is laying out your demands and expectations openly. Set up a video call or face-to-face consultation with an intended cleaning service and discuss your expectations and concerns. The service may provide you with pricing and a cleaning scope that matches your particular demands.

Do you want each room vacuumed?

Do you want crystal clear bathrooms?

Do you want a nicely-scrubbed kitchen?

The better you know what you need to get cleaned, the more accurately you can communicate with a cleaning company to provide a cleaner for your house.

4. The More Experience, the Better

Take a close look at the company’s years of experience in the industry. Have they been in the cleaning service business for a decade, or are they relatively new in business? You do not necessarily have to cross off new start-ups from your list. Still, it’s worth to opt for a company with considerable experience and the fundamental knowledge to clean your house appropriately.

A cleaning company that has remained in the industry for a long time is likely to have professional workers who also have the required experience to clean your home. They know the A-Z’s of home cleaning and the complexities involved in cleaning and are also efficient while upholding the standard you expect.

5. Look For Responsiveness

A decent cleaning company will pay attention to the customer experience from when you ask about the services until they have finished the cleaning services. If you think that the company is responsive and spends time to address all your concerns about their facilities, you will most likely have a pleasant experience by hiring that company. That is due to responsiveness being one of the first signs of a cleaning company’s reliability, consistency, and whether you can trust them.

Note the time that it takes the company to respond to your questions, and how they handle your concerns, and you will get some idea of how responsible they are.

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