How to clean a room in five minutes: useful tips

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Cleaning takes a lot of time? You don’t have the energy to scrub the floors and wipe the dust all weekend, but you want your house to be clean? You do not know how to quickly clean your room? There are useful recommendations, following which you can carry out quality cleaning in just a few minutes.

When you need to clean your apartment quickly

Before you know how to clean your room in 10 minutes (or even less time), you need to understand why you need to clean in a hurry. Unfortunately, not all people have time to do a general cleaning every week, because sometimes it can take several hours.

Not everyone also has the financial means to invite a housekeeper for this purpose. In this case, the only thing left is to do the so-called express cleaning almost every day, which will take only a few minutes and will not distract from work or other matters.

There’s another reason to learn how to clean your desk in 5 minutes. It often happens that guests announce their visit suddenly, literally half an hour in advance. If you don’t have a perfectly clean home, you can simply remove all unnecessary items from the table into storage drawers. By cleaning in five minutes, you won’t feel embarrassed in front of your guests.

How to clean your room in five minutes: an action plan

Below is a plan that will allow you to not only clean your room quickly, but also enjoy it.

  1. Put on some fun music. How do you get your room cleaned quickly and still get energized? Just put your favorite music on repeat, which will make you move more actively and focus on cleaning. In addition, it is recommended to avoid distractions such as social media or TV shows.
  2. Move away large objects that interfere with the free passage (we’re talking about a chair, storage drawers, and so on). Thanks to this technique visually your room will look much cleaner and more spacious.
  3. How to clean your house in 5 minutes? Don’t forget to make your bed! It will take you about a minute, but the room will look much neater. In a pinch, you can just throw a cozy plaid over the bedding.
  4. All the clean clothes that are in the room should be sent to the closet, dirty – in a special laundry basket. It is enough just to remove these things from sight, later you can put in order in your closet, neatly arranging the clothes. At the same time it is necessary to carefully close the closet doors (open doors look quite untidy).
  5. Remove all dirty dishes from the room. If you don’t have time to wash all the plates, at least stack them neatly in the sink.
  6. If you still have a few minutes left, quickly wipe dust off all visible surfaces (like the dresser or TV) with a damp cloth.

How to clean a room quickly

At this point, the quick clean can be considered complete. It will only take you a few minutes.

The benefits of a quick clean

Why do you need to know how to clean your child’s room and other areas quickly? Here are a few of the benefits of blitz cleaning:

  1. You practically won’t have to do general cleaning and deal with a lot of accumulated unnecessary things (you’ll only need to wipe the floors from time to time).
  2. This kind of cleaning can be done just before guests arrive: you can be sure that visitors won’t notice that your room was in chaos just a few minutes ago.
  3. When carrying out the manipulation, you will not need any special detergents (at most – a damp cloth).
  4. Cleaning in a few minutes is not only easy, but also fun! In addition, actively moving to incendiary music, you can keep yourself in great shape and spend a certain amount of calories.
  5. You can accustom your child to this peculiar way of getting clean as well. You can be sure that your baby will enjoy sorting out his things and will further strive for order.

How to clean a child's room quickly

Thus, quality cleaning in five minutes is a way to quickly put even the most cluttered room in order. If guests arrive in the near future, do not panic and run all over the apartment, simply wasting time: quickly make a plan in your head, which you will strictly follow, and the above tips will provide you with indisputable help in this matter.