How to clean acrylic and other types of bathtubs from yellowing in half an hour

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Nasty stains on your bathtub spoil your mood? You spend hours scrubbing away the dirt, but all to no avail. Fortunately, there are quite good and effective ways to deal with them. How to clean acrylic bathtub from yellow stains, what to use household chemicals, as well as folk remedies, this article will tell you. If you own porcelain or enamel types of bathtubs – read on their cleaning, there is information too. To begin with, let’s point out the nuances, in relation to different types of materials, which you should know during the cleaning operation.

Peculiarities of care for acrylic, enamel and porcelain

Depending on the type of material from which the bathtub is made, the care of it will also differ.

Porcelain is one of the most durable materials. Strongly aggressive types of cleaning agents should not be used on it.

Enamel can be spotted on older types of bathtubs. It is very sensitive to certain types of household chemicals – care must be taken in this regard. For example, the bathtub may develop very unattractive brown stains that resemble rust. This result is achieved when cleaning has been done with strong acid or chlorine.

Acrylic is very similar to plastic in its parameters. It bends easily and is therefore susceptible to damage if care is not taken with care. This type of material should not be cleaned with various abrasives. For example, pumice stone.

Let’s move on from unpleasant things to effective action. How to clean yellow stains from your bathtub if it is made of porcelain, the following chapter will tell you.

Cleaning a porcelain bathtub.

Good cleaning results can be achieved by using an abrasive powder. Comet and Ajax brands are great for this. It was mentioned above that strong abrasives are contraindicated for this type of material. Therefore, the choice was made in favor of a mild powder of well-known brands, which can effectively clean all the dirt and stains from the bathtub. Pour it on the soiled area and add a little cold water. To scrub, use a sponge. Rub the dirt with its stiffest side in a circular motion. They should come off quickly.

How do you clean yellow stains in the bathroom that are hard to get out? Use a pumice stone as a tool. It is better if you additionally apply Comet mixed with water to the stains beforehand. It is smeared on all stains and left for 30 minutes. And then the pumice stone is used, which will well remove all embedded dirt.

Please note: abrasives should not be used at all when cleaning acrylic and enameled bathtubs – they will leave ugly scratches on the walls.

Porcelain Bathtub Care.

How to remove stains in the bathtub, if it is enameled, the following chapter will tell you.

Cleaning an Enamel Bathtub

The first thing to try for cleaning is the most common detergents. The main thing is to make sure that they do not contain chlorine.

Stains near the drain holes can be successfully cleaned with ordinary hair shampoo. It is applied to the problem area around the drain, left on for a few minutes and then washed off with lukewarm water. Shampoo is designed to fight grease compounds, which are the cause of dirt in the bathtub.

For stubborn and especially stubborn stains, you should use trisodium phosphate. But this is recommended only in extreme cases. A tablespoon of such a solution is diluted in three liters of hot water. It is important to use this cleaner separately from other household chemicals to avoid adverse reactions.

We recommend avoiding the use of chlorine and other aggressive chemicals for cleaning purposes. They can leave very unsightly rust-like stains on the surface of the bathtub, as mentioned earlier in the article. But if the trouble has already happened, there are a number of methods that can help in eliminating it. Here they are:

  • Use hydrogen peroxide;
  • Make a paste of two parts baking soda and one part hydrogen peroxide, then apply it to the stain and leave it for thirty minutes;
  • Apply a spray that removes soap stains.

Enamel Bathtub Care

We have smoothly moved on to a common type of dirt – yellow stains on the acrylic bathtub. What to clean and what means – the following chapter will tell you.

Cleaning Acrylic Bathtub.

This type of bathtub needs to be cleaned more often than the others. In terms of frequency, once a week is ideal. Use regular dishwashing liquid and hot water for cleaning.

Traces of high water hardness and yellow stains will effectively remove vinegar. Apply it to the dirt, leave it for thirty minutes and then wipe with a soft sponge.

For care, use only products that do not have strong abrasive properties. This will help avoid damaging the surface of the bathtub.

When cleaning, it is better to use only mild household chemicals. For example, Soft Scrub hand cream is very effective in the fight against stains.

Some housewives use wax to give the tub a shiny surface. You shouldn’t do that. If you follow all the principles of how to remove stains from an acrylic bathtub, it will remain smooth and beautiful and without additional means.

Acrylic Bathtub Care.

There are effective folk remedies for dealing with dirt. Consider them.

Folk remedies for bath care

The standard is a mixture of baking soda and ammonia. The solution is prepared until it forms a pulp. It is then applied by rubbing on the soiled area, left for thirty minutes and washed off with lukewarm water.

A good remedy for fighting stains is lemon juice. It should be preheated, spread evenly over the whole soiled surface and leave for half an hour. And then rinse with warm water.

How to remove stains on the acrylic bathtub by folk methods? For this purpose, use an ordinary washing powder. It is gently rubbed over the entire surface, and then washed off with warm water. The operation is repeated until all the dirt is cleaned.

To prevent stains from forming for as long as possible, you need to know a few things about preventing them from appearing.

Preventing yellow stains on your bathtub

It consists of a series of measures that should be carried out regularly. The first action is to rinse the tub after each use. Then it is worth wiping it dry with any soft cloth.

Once a week, it is imperative to clean the bathtub using mild products. This will prevent plaque, grease and other such contaminants from quickly appearing.

Never leave even small amounts of liquid behind. Yellow stains on the bathtub are caused by them. Another reason for this contamination is the poor quality of tap water. Therefore, always install filters to avoid further problems with cleaning.

How to clean yellow stains in the bathroom using metal sponges and brushes? According to some hostesses, the tougher the tool, the better it cleans. But this is not true. To avoid the possibility of scratches on the surface of the bathtub, it is better not to use any means with metallic inclusions in the care at all.

To summarize, it is possible to clean the bathtub by both folk methods and with the use of household chemicals. The main thing is to use them correctly for a particular material – acrylic, porcelain or enamel.