How to find and get rid of bed bugs in the apartment?

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Even in a cleaned house, these uninvited guests can appear. What causes bed bugs in the apartment and how to start pest control.

Bed bugs-where do they come from?

The main condition for bed bugs is not the unsanitary condition of the room, they are absolutely indifferent to whether the house is clean or not. Bed bugs are parasites that feed on blood, and not only humans but also pets are good enough for this purpose.

The second condition is where bed bugs come from in the apartment, these are secluded places (cracks in the parquet, baseboards), in general, where it is rarely cleaned.

Also, these parasites can get into clothes that are in storage and rarely worn. Bed bugs can breed in book stubs, stuffed toys, upholstered furniture, and carpeting.

How do bed bugs get into an apartment?

There are many causes of insects in living quarters. Most often it is the neighbor’s premises, especially in apartment buildings and private houses in rural areas.

Bed bugs often find their way into apartments from afar, after a visit to a sanatorium, a vacation in nature or a tourist trip to a tropical country; parasites can rarely be detected, they sneak into things and sit there for a long time.

Also bed bugs can settle in the house when buying new furniture, clothes, appliances, parasitize on pets without giving away their presence for a long time. They lay larvae, reproduce, and can live for decades without food or water.

Apartment bed bug treatment.

To prevent this from happening, it will be necessary to disinfect the apartment from bedbugs. It is possible to apply to the sanitary and epidemiological station, so that specialists will qualitatively perform the task. But sometimes you have to wait in a queue, and therefore the question becomes relevant: how to get rid of bed bugs in the apartment yourself?

For this purpose, it is recommended to use insecticidal preparations, based on carbophos. Common among them:

  • Dichlofos, Reid, Raptor sprays;
  • Powders – “Riapan”, “Neopin”;
  • liquid remedies against bed bugs in the apartment – “Foxid”, “Primadid”;
  • combined preparations – “Dust”, “Tetrix”, “Clean House”, “Prima-71”.

To effectively clean a room of bed bugs, it is necessary to empty the room of occupants, hermetically pack food, isolate children’s items and toys, making sure there are no parasite larvae on them before treating.

Treat all hard-to-reach places in the house with a prepared product, especially under baseboards in the kitchen, behind cupboards, shelves, under cabinets, etc. It is advisable to dry-clean linens, as well as clothes that are stored in one place for a long time.

How to deal with bed bugs with folk methods?

Popular folk remedies for bed bugs in the apartment:

  • Treat the room with hot steam, they will not be able to tolerate high temperatures;
  • The best remedy against bed bugs in the apartment is wormwood, you need to abundantly spread the sprigs of the plant in the house, and in a few days the bed bugs will disappear;
  • you can treat a surface with pests with a solution of vinegar, fill baseboards and other cracks with boiling water:
  • A solution of kerosene, turpentine, naphthalene helps well against parasites, the main thing is to thoroughly ventilate the room after finishing the treatment.

Warning: it is worth noting that all bedbug remedies can scare away the pests for a while, and the insects may return and start biting the tenants. To prevent this from happening, it is better to give preference to chemical compositions that permanently drive out this utensil.

How do you prevent bed bugs from coming back indoors?

If the first time to get rid of bed bugs in the apartment quickly failed, then where are the guarantees that these insects will not return again. To avoid this, you should follow certain recommendations:

  1. Wash clothes at temperatures above 50 degrees, which will provide effective protection against bed bugs.
  2. After completing a long trip or vacation in nature, pack items in vacuum bags and take them to the dry cleaner for washing.
  3. In the summertime, use mosquito nets, which can protect your home from various insects, including bedbugs.
  4. All holes in the house from electrical wiring and other cables should be caulked with silicone, conduct additional insulation of outlets.
  5. Treat the room with decoction of rosemary or tansy leaves, which is one of the home remedies for bed bugs that works safely and effectively.

Warning: How to get rid of house bugs in the apartment – regularly treat hard-to-reach places, baseboards, other openings with vinegar or naphthalene, scaring away bed bugs with a pungent smell.

When there are a lot of bed bugs in the house, you should immediately entrust the work of eliminating the insects to professionals, so that children and pets are not harmed.

For the purpose of prevention, it is recommended to take household items to the balcony or outdoors in winter, when it is about 20 degrees of frost outside the window. And in summer, such a procedure should be done when the temperature is plus 40 when the sun is shining brightly.

Conclusion and recommendations!

Now you know what effective remedy to use to get rid of bed bugs in your apartment with maximum results. How to get rid of bed bugs is up to you, or use folk methods or call a special service.

The main thing is that the room remains clean and habitable after treatment. Follow the safety rules and stay healthy!

How to get rid of bed bugs in the apartment – user reviews!

Many tenants say that there are no guaranteed methods of getting rid of bed bugs in the room, only regular prevention and cleaning of furniture with chemical solutions promises the destruction of parasite larvae.

The safest and most affordable method of removing bed bugs is – the treatment of the room with hot steam, but toxic means can harm the health of the household, cause allergies or suffocation with vapors.

Take care of your health and wisely clean the room from parasites!