How to get rid of midges in the apartment – simple, affordable ways

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Gnats most often appear in the apartment suddenly, and some of their species can bite painfully and carry serious infectious diseases. It is important for residents to know how to get rid of small midges in the apartment quickly and permanently.

Gnats can cause significant harm to humans, they spoil food, breed in sweets, indoor flowers, serve as an excellent bait for other insects. Therefore, it is necessary to take urgent measures to get them out of the room.

Gnats – where do they come from?

The sources of their occurrence can be varied:

  • Rotten fruits and vegetables;
  • sweets abandoned under the bed;
  • A dirty trash can;
  • sewer;
  • indoor plants;
  • Humid environment in the kitchen, basement rooms.

Also, midges can easily get in from the neighbors. As soon as the cause of their appearance is established, you can safely proceed to drastic actions – the elimination of obnoxious pests.

How to get rid of midges in the apartment quickly?

You can cite a lot of ways to get rid of gnats in the apartment, just consider the main ones.

  1. Carry out an audit of all vegetables and fruits that are stored at home, in the kitchen, on the balcony, in a vase in the living room. All spoiled products should be removed and thrown away, the rest should be rewashed and placed in the refrigerator.
  2. You also need to review the cereals you have, there may have had time to get those little specimens in there. After checking, hermetically close the containers, put them away in another place.
  3. Now it is necessary to treat the sink and sink, for this you can use an effective remedy against midge in the apartment – table soda, extinguished with vinegar. After – rinse with plenty of running water.
  4. Next, you need to vacuum the walls, ceilings, floors and other surfaces where midges have been noticed. Wash the floors with warm water and powder.
  5. Check the pots of houseplants, fill them with clean soil, reduce the amount of watering, and you can sprinkle a small amount of ground pepper on top of the soil.

Ways to get rid of gnats in the apartment

How to get rid of midges in the apartment quickly and efficiently? For this case, you can use a variety of traps, prepared with improvised means. It is enough to take an empty bottle, cut off its neck, and then insert the spout into the same utensil, fixing it with scotch tape.

On the bottom of the bottle you need to put a bait, such as a piece of banana, a spoiled berry. Gnats will fly into such a trap, and after catching them, the dishes should be disposed of without disassembling them.

Sticky tape, special sprays, and anti-insect solutions are helpful in controlling midges. To avoid intoxication, spraying should be done in a well-ventilated room.

A quick way to get rid of biting midges in the apartment is to use an ordinary mosquito fumigator, this device should be turned on day and night until the pests completely disappear.

In the fight against midges excellent help room geraniums, which should be grown indoors, the smell of this plant is not tolerated gnats, moths, flies, mosquitoes. Excellent universal remedy for all insects.

How dangerous are fruit gnats to humans?

Such gnats refer to non-hazardous for humans insects, they do not bite and do not carry infections, but here multiply very quickly, spoil not only fruits and vegetables on the table, but also fruit plantations.

Such midges are simply annoying, flying into the nose, mouth, eyes, dirtying wallpaper and curtains, bringing discomfort during sleep, appearing at dawn, looking for a feeding environment. Even air fresheners can attract them if they have a sweet scent.

How to get rid of fruit flies in the apartment with preventive measures. If you remove all sources of food for the insects, then they themselves will disappear, flying to a new place of “residence”. You should regularly do wet cleaning in the house and ventilate the room.

Conclusion and recommendations!

To effectively get rid of parasites you need to keep your home clean, throw away spoiled food in a timely manner, thoroughly clean the trash can. You can place garlic cloves on window sills or drip camphor oil.

Here’s how to get rid of flower moths in the apartment: periodically water the affected soil with a solution of manganese solution or soapy water. Place orange slices in flowerpots or sprinkle ground chalk against cockroaches.

If all methods have been unsuccessful, you can get rid of onion gnats in the apartment with chemical methods of control (solutions of Actara, Fitoverm, Carbofos, Agravertin or Grom-2). Such products instantly kill all pests.

Keep your home clean and adhere to preventive measures that are guaranteed to rid the room of uninvited guests!