How to iron a bologna or polyester jacket: tips and tricks

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Among the modern materials actively used for sewing closet items, synthetic fabrics occupy a leading position. The excellent quality characteristics of products made of fabrics containing polyester fibers have made things made of such materials incredibly popular. Jackets made of polyester or bologna are affordable, durable, beautiful and long-lasting, and with proper care such products will last a long time, without disappointing the owners in quality.

Peculiarities of care for polyester products

Innovative technology has made it possible to diversify the modern man’s closet with things made of polyester. Designers eagerly work with this material, creating dresses and the finest blouses, and, taking into account the waterproof and thermal properties of the fabric, use it to create original models of demi-season coats, winter jackets or down jackets. To keep your clothes looking flawless for a longer time you should follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, which indicate on the label the washing and ironing temperature for the particular garment.

To keep the finest fabric from warping, you should know how to wash a polyester blouse or a bologna jacket:

  • Turn the garment inside out to avoid deforming the fibers on the front of the fabric;
  • Choose a delicate mode in the washing machine;
  • Only use detergent for synthetic fabrics;
  • Water temperature should not exceed 40 and sometimes 60 degrees;
  • Do not use bleaching agents;
  • The spin should be gentle.

Articles of very fine fabric (dress or blouse) are recommended to be washed by hand without a hard twist. And after washing, you should rinse the item in warm water with vinegar. To dry the item is straightened out and hung on the shoulders until it is completely dry. Most things made of polyester, nylon or cloak after washing with a proper spin does not need to be ironed, but is enough just spread on the hanger. But if there is a need to remove creases on the surface of the product, you need to be on the alert, so as not to hopelessly spoil your favorite thing. To do this, you need to know how to iron polyester properly. It is recommended to heat the iron soleplate to a minimum temperature, then iron the crumpled area through a damp cotton cloth.

How to iron a polyester down jacket

Known for its durability and excellent moisture-wicking characteristics, outerwear is at the peak of popularity today. Practical products have proven to be great to wear. But after washing it may be necessary to smooth out jams or creases. Recommendations on how to iron a polyester jacket without ruining the synthetic fabric are laid out on the product label, so you should not ignore the manufacturer’s advice on care. Depending on the composition, density and quality of the fabric, different ironing temperatures are suggested.

Given the peculiarity of the insulation, the owner must understand how to iron a winter jacket without damaging the warming material. If it is natural down, then at high temperatures there is a risk of showing fat dots from the axis on the surface of the product. For voluminous products, experts recommend using a stream of steam, which is directed to the crumpled area.

How to iron a fabric that won’t iron

When studying the label, which sets out information about the peculiarities of care of a product made of polyester materials, sometimes it turns out that it is impossible to iron such a thing. But what about the product, which after washing acquired an unsightly appearance? How to iron a raincoat, which does not tolerate high temperatures.

  1. Stuff the sleeves with paper or cloth, hang the product in a damp room, bathroom or kitchen. Smooth the product with your hands as much as possible along the contour.
  2. Experienced hostesses, recommend how to iron a polyester dress without an iron. After all, you can do without the electric appliance. It is necessary to straighten the product by hanging it on a hanger, and under the dress place a basin with hot water, the steam from which will rise up and naturally smooth out the fabric.

How to iron a polyester down jacket

Properly iron and steam a synthetic jacket

If the product is too wrinkled as a result of washing, and the owner does not know how to iron a jacket made of bologna or nylon correctly, you can try to fix the situation with steam, if it does not contradict the manufacturer’s recommendations on the label. For this purpose, experienced hostesses offer such options:

  1. You can use a steam generator by setting it to “Continuous Steam” mode.
  2. Bring the iron soleplate close to the surface of the garment, avoiding contact between the metal base and the fabric. A directed stream of steam is directed along the surface of the item. Basically, even inexperienced housewives, having carefully studied the comprehensive recommendations on the label, know how to iron a nylon jacket. The main thing is not to allow the synthetic fabric to be hardened by exposure to high temperatures.
  3. You can use a damp cotton cloth, which is applied to the surface of the jacket and heated to a minimum temperature iron several times. If creases remain on the surface of the fabric, it is worth repeating the procedure again until the crumpling has completely disappeared.
  4. It is possible to iron a dense polyester article with an iron without fabric, but with minimal heat on the iron soleplate.

In the case where the information on the label has not been saved, the resourceful hostess will not be caught off guard by the question of how to iron the jacket correctly, because it is possible to test the acceptable temperature mode on a flap of fabric, which is attached to the product. Thin windbreaker jackets made of synthetic fabric is easier to iron on the wrong side, not holding for a long time the iron in one place.