How to properly clean an apartment.

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Cleaning the house is depressing and depressing for many of us. After all, if we are not talking about local order, but about a thorough, full-fledged cleaning, this process can easily take the whole weekend. But if you know how to properly clean an apartment and follow these rules, the time and effort to clean can be significantly reduced.

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Before the main cleaning phase, take out and throw away everything you don’t need.

These can be piled-up clothes that should be sent to the wash, empty and half-empty bottles, boxes from recently purchased items, children’s toys – in short, anything that clutters up surfaces and makes it difficult to dust quickly and cleanly. Carefully inspect tables, shelves, and the floor and hide everything else.

Start cleaning with the bedroom or room.

Yes, intuitively you want to do the most time-consuming and time-consuming part of the job first – tidying up the bathroom or kitchen. But it so happens that these premises are the biggest breeding ground for germs. And so, in order to reduce their “migration” to the living space, take up cleaning in the kitchen or bathroom last.

Wipe out the curtains before dusting.

Not only carpets, but also your favorite curtains and drapes are unsurpassed dust collectors. So, not to be surprised by a new layer of dust a couple of days after cleaning, it is absolutely necessary to clean the curtains. To do this, you do not need to take them off, but you must take a damp towel of medium size, twist it into a roller and as if to beat the entire surface of the curtains. It is not necessary to beat very weakly, but also not too strong, so as not to rip them off the mount.

Even before washing the floors, be sure to vacuum the floors.

First, it’s problematic to pick up hair and other small debris with a damp rag. And secondly, before you wash the floors, it’s a good idea to vacuum the areas where you most often walk and do things. So grandma’s old method of cleaning from the far corner to the entrance of the room is better to reconsider. That way you can “go through” the most dirty areas twice and clean them cleaner.

Keep all your cleaning supplies on hand

Gather everything you might need to clean: rags, brushes, rollers, cleaning supplies, and keep them near you in the room where you are cleaning right now. This way you will save time on constant runs to the bathroom or closet for this or that item. You’ll also save yourself from the temptation to pop into the kitchen, take a break, have some tea, and so on. You weren’t going to spend the whole weekend on cleaning, remember?

Leave the sanitary facilities to the end of the cleaning.

And let the cleaners work. So first, apply the necessary detergents to the right surfaces (toilet bowl, shower or bathtub walls, tile walls and metal surfaces) and leave them in for a while. In the meantime, go through the cosmetics, check the stocks of shampoos and soaps, wipe the bathroom mirror from splashes of water, toothpaste and shaving foam. And after that, clean and rinse household chemicals from the bathtub and other surfaces.

Use vinegar for cleaning.

If you are an advocate of using eco products even in cleaning, then you can get rid of various stains and plaques with regular vinegar. Dilute it with water in the ratio of 1:3 and pour it into a container with a sprayer. You can use it not only in the bathroom and kitchen, but also in other rooms. The smell of vinegar quickly evaporates, and its properties allow you to remove even greasy stains from surfaces.

And remember, even household chores can be less tedious and dull if you know, How to properly clean an apartment!