How to quickly remove ants from a garden plot

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Many dacha owners wonder how to get rid of pests. These include ants. You can hear from some gardeners that ants are literally attacking trees and other crops. Plus, are the cause of the appearance, reproduction of aphids. Florists are faced with torn beds, curled leaves. There are only two answers to the question of how to remove ants from the plot. The first is folk remedies. The second includes a chemical attack on the insects. Let’s consider the first option in more detail, since it is more environmentally friendly and safe.

Getting rid of ants with folk remedies

Means used by grandparents in their dachas are safer than their chemical counterparts. A lot of them have been invented. It all depends on persistence and the number of ants. How to withdraw ants from the vegetable garden with folk remedies, while not damaging the culture? The most common are described below.

Use garlic, spicy herbs

Ants can’t stand pungent smells and try to get away from the source. For this reason, you can grow mint, mugwort, lavender, and other spices in the vegetable garden, making a kind of barrier. You can place dried leaves next to the anthill.

Garlic is a unique tool in ant control. It is good for answering the question of how to remove ants from a plot with folk remedies. Young garlic feathers can be rubbed on trees and plants affected by aphids or ants. This will serve as a good barrier for them. You don’t have to wait long to see results. Also, cut garlic cloves are placed in the anthill. And also place them near the anthill, next to the trails. The unpleasant smell will scare away the pests.

Moving it to a new location.

If the anthill is not large, you can simply move it behind the fence. But you should remember that sometimes anthills go deep into the ground up to one and a half meters. And the mother and her larvae are at a depth. When moving the anthill, you need to take into account the possibility of such a location.

Another interesting way to get ants out with folk remedies is to bring ants into the woods. It is to bring ants from the forest. But there must be more forest ants. In this case, they will begin to fight for territory, and garden ants will disappear. And soon the forest ants will leave the vegetable garden, going to their habitat.

The use of borax

Quite a well-known means than to remove garden ants from the plot is borax. It is mixed with sugar in the ratio of 1/3 tsp. per 1 tbsp. sugar. Dissolve the mixture in warm water and place it on ant trails. The quick effect will not work, but the bait will eat not only the worker ants, but also the larvae and the queen. It is possible not to dissolve the consistency in water, so as not to poison useful insects.

Asked how to remove ants from the vegetable garden using folk methods, you can find solutions such as:

  • Sprinkle anthill, their trails with semolina;
  • water the plants with a mixture of ammonia and water;
  • create favorable conditions for breeding ladybugs;
  • Use a decoction of wormwood with ashes.

Fruit trees

It is possible to protect trees from pest infestations in a number of ways.

  1. You can make a barrier with water. Specifically, a ditch with a container filled with water. You can use a tire.
  2. With the help of foil make a structure similar to a skirt. Place it so that the sharp edges prevent ants from climbing the tree.
  3. Use special tapes to wrap around the trunk of the tree, similar to painter’s tape. They are sold in stores along with other pest and insect control products.

Whatever remedy is used to control ants, you need to remember that it doesn’t happen in one use of any one product. It takes persistence and a combined attack of several products to minimize the number of insects.