How to remove ants from the house with folk remedies

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How do you get ants out of your house before their numbers multiply? The insects travel miles in search of food and, having found a “bread” place, mark the road with a smelly liquid, showing the route to others. Though they prefer to build their nests outdoors, they feel just as comfortable indoors. At the same time, they easily penetrate into the dwelling next door, where they begin to reproduce actively. It is important not to miss the moment, and when the first “saboteurs” appear, to take appropriate measures. To remove house ants from the apartment, private house, the owners have many adapted ways.

In the fight against the “invaders” it is worth considering points concerning the organization of the hierarchical system. Ant “queens” live in separate nests and take care of the emergence of their offspring. After mating, larvae are formed in 17 days. In 4-5 months pupae are formed, then adults appear and are immediately ready to bring food to their “queen” in their paws. Since it is impossible to find the location of the “hive” in the house, it remains to treat the entire colony with a potion, relying on the direct delivery of food to the nest by the working “horses”.

To quickly remove ants by folk means from the apartment, greenhouse, house, bath, before the process it is important to check with the phase of the moon. The attack begins on the waning moon. The initial task is to stop the demographic growth of the subjugation by neutralizing the aphids.

Poison prescriptions.

To remove house black ants from an apartment, 1 tsp. of boric acid is mixed with sugar or honey and diluted with water. Then, by dipping a spoon into the liquid mass, it is dotted with drops along the central line. As the mass crystallizes, the balls are dipped in water, spread back out. The insects will deliver the dainty to the queen by the crumbs. The result of the action is noticeable after a week.

  1. Insects don’t like strong smells. Garlic cloves are cut, and the halves are rubbed into paths.
  2. Open bags of aromatic spices (cinnamon, cloves) are left in the kitchen.
  3. Next to decorative geraniums, grow tomatoes on the windowsill. The strong smell of the haulm will help to drive the red ants out of the apartment, scare away mosquitoes. Essential oils are used with the same success.
  4. A mixture of hot pepper and borax with the addition of an egg yolk is fatal to insects.
  5. If you dilute sugar with water and honey in a jar, all that’s left is to fish out the corpses.
  6. The legs of the table are smeared with mosquito repellent “Taiga”, “Komarex”. No ant will risk climbing up.
  7. A spoonful of pressed yeast is mixed with sweet syrup (150 ml). The mass is left on the table. After dessert, after about 10 minutes, the yeast sprays the abdomen, and the ants flee.
  8. Meat delicacy: 0.5 tsp of borax is mixed into 2 liters of minced meat. The balls are spread along the paths.

Classic recipe:

  • 3 yolks, 3 cooked tubers, a spoonful of sand, a bag of boric acid;
  • The ingredients are passed in a blender or kneaded with a pestle;
  • The plastic mass is molded into miniature balls;
  • The seed is arranged in places of accumulation, in paths.

To deprive the insects of a source of water, the sink, the tray of the dish dryer are thoroughly wiped down.

Specialty stores for gardeners sell preparations in ampoules. Regardless of the trade name, the action is the same. The contents are dissolved in 4 liters of water and poured into a sprayer. Means are effective for the treatment of rooms and garden crops. After 2 hours, the room is ventilated and the floors are washed. Chalk, ultrasonic repellent will help.

How do you get ants out of a vegetable garden?

Destroying insects one by one is a futile task. When the threat is imminent, the ant colony immediately mobilizes. Even by stirring up the nest, you cannot get rid of their unpleasant neighborhood. It is necessary to purposefully spread the toxic preparation near the pile, without arousing the guards’ suspicion. Insects on their paws will carry the poisonous spores to the “house”, which will lead to a failure in reproduction of offspring.

To get them out of the plot, semolina or millet is scattered over the slide. On top of the cereal is covered with fragrant grass, leaves, otherwise it will be pecked by birds. It is not known why, but the colony goes to the neighbors.

The tangy smell of wormwood, tartar, and anise is not to the insects’ liking. To remove ants from the greenhouse with folk remedies, bundles of grass are placed on paths, in the garden they are tied around the trunks.

  1. Valerian and mint are planted between the rows.
  2. Hills and highways are sprinkled with soda, a special mixture. In equal parts are taken: ash, lime, wood bark powder.
  3. Piles are sprinkled with diluted kerosene, vegetable oil (11 tbsp. per bucket of water).
  4. In the evening, the anthill is scalded with boiling water.

What to treat the plants with

It is acceptable to rid fruit trees of insects without chemicals.

Recipe#1. Dissolve 250 g of black soap in 9 liters of water, pour 2 tbsp of carbolic acid on top, pour 9 spoons of kerosene. The composition is sprayed on the trunk, ant pile.

Recipe #2. 6 g of soda, 1/3 of flax oil are added to 1 l of water. The liquid is sprayed on the lower part of the tree. A mixture of clay and ash is coated around the trunk, a ring of sliding material (aluminum) is put on the bottom. The smooth surface is impossible for the insects to overcome.

Radical solutions.

How to remove garden ants from the vegetable garden, if the actions taken have had a partial effect? Preparative forms of diazinon are effective in the fight against leafhoppers: aphids, bears, weevils, and other garden dwellers. After sprinkling, the organophosphorus compound enters the intestines of insects, is instantly absorbed through the covers, causing paralysis. One bottle is enough to treat 50 sq. m. of garden. At the same time the larvae will be killed, no new squad of invaders will come.

– To get black ants out of the house, you buy special means. Frontline spray from a veterinary pharmacy will kill flying and crawling ants.

– When plants are exposed to the chemicals Zubr, Decis-Profi, Biotlin, and Alatar, the leaves become poisonous. Feeding on them, the critters die.

– The effect of the gel “Raptor” is that after eating the bait the individuals infect the entire ant hill. “Triple blow” fully justifies the name. It contains 3 strong components. It is active during the day.

– Dichlorvos “Raid”, “Dochlox” treat corners, baseboards, possible places of accumulation. In “Raptor” traps, pellets with chlorpyrifos are poured. After the poisonous particles hit the nest, the colony dies. Kombat” with hydromethylnon acts on an identical principle.

– Dr. Klaus aerosol contains 3 toxic substances. It is sprayed over ant trails. Exposure time is 1 hour. “Clean house” works instantly, destroying all crawling critters. To treat a room of 25 sq.m. 1 cylinder is enough.

– A bag of “Regent” is diluted with water, then the composition is filled (with a syringe) all visible crevices. Powder insecticide “Muracid” is dissolved in 8 liters of water. It is poured on the pavement of the house and walls. The effect in 24 hours.

If you don’t want to solve the problem yourself, you can contact an extermination company.