How to wash a winter coat on camel hair

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Outerwear on camel hair is very warm, good air permeability. In these things you will not freeze in winter. If the product gets dirty, every mistress has a logical question “How to wash a coat with camel hair, so that the filler does not deform?” Of course, you can take the clothes to the dry cleaner, but it will take you quite a lot of time, and will cost quite a lot. Use the advice of experienced hostesses to quickly and accurately launder clothes on camel hair.

Washing your down jacket by hand

Before washing, be sure to read the label carefully. It will definitely indicate the maximum allowable water temperature. Camel hair down jacket, how to wash by hand? This procedure is not complicated, it does not take much time at all. So, let’s consider the main steps of manual washing of such a product.

  • Fill the tub with warm, but not hot water, dilute a little detergent in it. To clean camel hair, it is recommended to use a detergent of liquid consistency.
  • We dip the product in water, and begin to actively wash it. During the procedure, you can use a brush with a soft pile or a sponge. Thoroughly treat the areas that are heavily soiled.
  • If the down jacket is not very dirty, lightly shake it in soapy water, and gently squeeze out the water. Squeezing the thing is not recommended.
  • Rinse the down jacket in several waters until all the soap comes out.
  • Take the clothes out of the water, hang them on hangers over the tub to let all the liquid drain out.

Done, your camel hair down jacket is clean and fresh again. While drying, be sure to shake the product so that the filler is evenly distributed under the lining. If all the water has already drained from the garment, remove it from the shoulders and spread it out on a horizontal surface. Wait until the garment is completely dry. It is best to wash outerwear in the evening, then it will have had time to dry completely by morning.

How to wash a camel hair down jacket in a washing machine?

You can get the answer to the question “Can I wash my camel hair down jacket in the washing machine?” without much effort. To do this, it is enough to read the information on the label. To do everything as correctly as possible, to avoid the most common mistakes that will lead to deformation of the product, be sure to use the following tips.

  • It is best to wash the down jacket separately from all other things. This will allow it to fit as freely as possible in the drum. In addition, you will not have to worry about the fact that one of the things will stain, and it will have a negative impact on the color of expensive outerwear.
  • Camel down can bunch up into one big lump if it’s rotated and wet too much. After such a wash, the garment will be completely unsuitable for further wear. To avoid this, put in the drum of the washing machine special balls or a few ordinary tennis balls.
  • Before washing a camel hair coat, properly prepare the clothes for the procedure. To do this, unbutton the hood, take out the belt and all the contents of the pockets, unbutton the fur from the collar.
  • If the sleeves or pockets are heavily soiled, be sure to hand wash them beforehand. Use soapy water and a soft brush.
  • Once the pre-washing is complete, the garment should be buttoned up, and turned inside out.
  • Experts recommend washing camel hair down jackets in an automatic washing machine, using the “Delicate Wash” mode. The optimal water temperature is 30 degrees.
  • After washing, the garment should be rinsed at least 3 times. Spin at the lowest possible spin.

If the down jacket has a hood and waistband, they should also be washed. It is desirable to put these elements of clothing in a separate bag, and send it into the drum of the washing machine along with the down jacket. Dry the product after machine washing in the same way as after hand washing. First, hang the clothes on hangers, and then lay them out on a flat surface. Now you know how to wash a camel hair jacket at home. Don’t forget that the natural filling needs to be padded and fluffed from time to time.

How to wash a camel hair down jacket in the washing machine

How to avoid streaks after washing?

Surely many housewives have noticed white streaks on the fabric after washing a camel hair down jacket, which are difficult to remove. However, there are a few simple ways that will allow you to quickly get rid of such defects. Let’s consider them in more detail.

  • If white streaks or stains remain on your outer clothing after hand washing, it means you used the wrong detergent. Change the detergent and repeat the procedure. Of course, it will take you extra time and effort, but there is no other way to get rid of the defect.
  • To clean your down jacket, always use liquid powders or special chemicals for delicate washing.
  • If the lining of the outer garment is 100% camel hair, it is better not to soak it completely. You can wash soiled areas with a brush, laundry soap, and a little water. Make soap shavings, pour it with warm water, lather well with a sponge. Only a thick foam should be applied to the cloth. Rub the soiled area, and then thoroughly remove all soap. This is easy to do with a normal shower sprayer.

It’s easier to prevent divorces on clothes than it is to get rid of them later. If you want to wash your down jacket in the washing machine, there is no need to pre-soak it, put it in the drum completely dry clothes. It is not recommended to use concentrated rinse aid, as it is poorly washed from the fabric, and is most often the main cause of unsightly streaks. Pay special attention to rinsing the product, as the foam left in the lining will stand out on the surface of the down jacket when it dries, and all your efforts will be in vain.

How to avoid streaks after washing

How to get stains out of a down jacket?

Is it possible to wash a jacket made of camel hair, if it has stains? Experts recommend in such cases not to rush to soak the product. Difficult to remove stains should be preliminarily removed. There are several simple and effective ways to remove stubborn stains.

  • Do you have a grease stain on your outerwear? An ordinary dishwashing detergent will help get rid of it. Dilute 2 tsp. of detergent in 200 ml. of warm water. The resulting foam is gently applied to the stain and left for 15-20 minutes. After this time, remove the rest of the foam with a dry napkin, rinse the dirty place thoroughly, and only then send the down stain to the washing machine.
  • Oil stain can be removed with high-quality, well-cleaned gasoline. You can buy such a remedy in almost any hardware store, and it is not expensive at all. With the help of a cloth soaked in gasoline, you can remove not only the oil stain, but also the paint stain. Check the effect of the product beforehand on the back of the fabric, so as not to spoil it accidentally.
  • Ammonia alcohol 10% will help remove the most stubborn dirt. It must first be mixed with a small amount of detergent. Apply the resulting gel to the stain for a few minutes, and then rinse. Use ammonia alcohol for colored items very carefully, as it can lighten the color of the down jacket.

All of the above tips will help you learn the answer to the important question, “How do I wash my camel hair coat and remove stubborn stains?” If, despite your best efforts, the stain does not disappear, it is better to go to a dry cleaner. Although you’ll spend money, but you’ll be fully confident that your clothes as a result will be clean and fresh.

How to properly care for camel hair clothing?

If you have a woolen outerwear, be prepared to care for such a thing will have to be very careful. To know exactly whether you can wash a coat made of camel hair, carefully read the information on the label. For example, a product containing 20% camel hair can only be washed by hand, in cold or slightly warm water, with liquid detergent. Material containing 50% camel hair is better not to wash at all, because after drying it will lose its attractive appearance and will deform. It is better to use the dry method for cleaning such products. To preserve the beauty of a natural wool product, it is better to entrust the washing to dry-cleaners.