How to wash laminate flooring correctly so as not to leave white streaks

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Flooring gets dirty very quickly and requires thorough regular cleaning. Each type of surface needs to be cleaned properly so that it does not leave unsightly streaks and the material retains its performance characteristics for a long time. Wet cleaning laminate flooring is not difficult, but it is important. To keep your floors perfectly clean at all times, you can use some helpful tips from experienced homeowners.

Peculiarities of cleaning laminate flooring

Flooring made of laminate is very popular. Such floors are made not only in private houses and apartments, but also in offices or commercial premises. Cleaning laminate flooring directly depends on the degree of its contamination. If you want to maximize the service life and maintain the external beauty of the coating, clean it daily. Do not allow dust and small debris to accumulate on the floor, as hard particles can leave unsightly scratches on it. For dry cleaning, use a broom or vacuum cleaner.Several times a week you should do wet cleaning. Want to know how to clean a laminate floor without streaks? It’s very simple. Covering made of natural wood does not like strong humidity, so to clean it, use a damp, but in no case a wet rag.Remember that the more expensive and high-quality laminate, the greater its sensitivity to water. If this floor gets very wet, the joints will begin to swell, and this will have a very negative impact on the performance of the entire structure. To improve the resistance of the flooring to moisture, after installing the wooden planks, be sure to treat all joints with a special sealant. Accidentally spilled water on the floor should be wiped dry immediately.

What you can clean laminate flooring with

Don’t know how to wash laminate flooring to avoid streaks? The first thing you need to remember the list of tools that can be used for such a coating. These can include:

  • Normal clean water in combination with a self-wringing mop or a soft-touch microfiber cloth.
  • Special detergents for laminate flooring.
  • Alcohol or acetone – used spot-on to remove stubborn stains on the floor.
  • Auxiliary nonaggressive household chemicals – laundry soap, dish detergent, shampoo.
  • Laminate polish.
  • Soft brushes, broom, vacuum cleaner.All of the above tools and appliances can be used on laminate floors.

However, you should always remember that there are household chemicals, the use of which for such a coating is strictly forbidden, unless you want to finally ruin its appearance.

This category includes:

  • Abrasive cleaners with hard particles that can leave scratches on the floor;
  • Brushes with stiff bristles or metal inserts;
  • Strongly acting solvents;
  • Liquids containing acid;
  • Polishes with wax or mastic.

What can I wash my laminate flooring with?

Before you wash your laminate flooring, be sure to carefully read the above lists of prohibited and allowed products. If you treat the process of wet cleaning responsibly, you will be able to preserve the top protective layer of the coating and extend its life as long as possible.

How to remove stains from laminate flooring

Surely every housewife has noticed that after a wet cleaning, white ugly marks are often left on the laminate flooring. How to wash the floor without streaks, so that the coating just shone clean? Experienced hostesses recommend following the step-by-step instructions below.

  • Dissolve some special laminate floor cleaner in warm water.
  • Dip a soft cloth into the soap solution, wring well.
  • Wash the laminate flooring in the room thoroughly.
  • Use a dry microfiber cloth to wipe the surface clean and damp. This way you will not only collect excess water, but also get rid of soapy streaks.

As you can see, everything is very simple. The cleaning process doesn’t take long at all. Sometimes grease stains appear on laminate. You can remove them by treating the dirt with a dishwashing agent or a special stain remover. Fruit, berry, and wine stains should be removed immediately before they have time to soak into the wood. Use light-colored nylon and a neutral pH detergent.

How do you remove stains from laminate flooring?

Washing laminate flooring after apartment renovations

Repairing an apartment is a real stress for every housewife. A lot of dust and debris remains in the room, and dirty laminate seems impossible to clean at all. However, not everything is as difficult as it may seem at first glance.

  • If paint has gotten on your floors, you can get it out with acetone or thinner. It is advisable to do it immediately, before the stain has had time to fully soak into the wood.
  • Wallpaper glue does not leave any residue on the laminate. To clean it quickly, use clean warm water and a soft, absorbent rag.
  • Fine construction dust gets clogged in all the crevices and corners. You can get rid of it with a vacuum cleaner. Walk with it all over the flooring, use special attachments to clean the most hard-to-reach places. After such a procedure, wipe the floor with a damp rag to remove all traces of dirt and dust.
  • Turning stains on laminate can be removed using special household chemicals specially designed for laminate, acetone or any alcohol-containing substance. It is strictly forbidden to use household chemicals containing acid and alkali, as these substances can ruin the appearance of the coating.

Washing the laminate flooring after renovating your apartment

Now you know exactly how to scrub laminate flooring to avoid streaks. If you have a steam cleaner or a vacuum cleaner, you can use them to clean laminate floors. However, you must first be sure to attach a special nozzle to the device made of foam rubber, which absorbs moisture well and keeps the wood from getting wet.