How to wash terry towels

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When buying a soft towel in the store, we always want its pristine softness and fluffiness to be felt by our skin as long as possible. However, many people complain that sooner or later both large body towels and small face towels turn into stiff, prickly and unpresentable in appearance. If you bought a good quality towel and after many washings it becomes unpleasant to the touch, it is likely that you have made one or more common mistakes in towel care.

Terry towels

What makes the fiber of a terry towel coarse?

  1. Washing with traditional loose powder. Powder crystals are “fixed” on the tiny loops that make up the well-known terry, making them drier and more prickly. This causes even a new thing to lose volume after a few washes, to bunch up, to absorb water worse, and to cause unpleasant feelings on the skin.
  2. Washing in a small amount of water. When throwing this type of laundry into the drum of the machine, turn on a wash mode that draws in enough water.
  3. Drying towels on heating appliances or in the open sunlight. When it’s cold, you want to dry your favorite towel quicker on an ordinary radiator. But you can’t do that with terry fiber – the texture of the towel changes, too.
  4. Ironing with a hot iron. This treatment of towels after washing is certainly necessary. But do it with the steam mode, so that the hot steam also prevents premature thinning and coarsening of the fibers.
  5. Using hard water During laundry. It is clear that you will not pour new water without impurities in the pipes. But you can pour a special water softener or use folk remedies after washing.
  6. Rough towel twisting. This “technique” of wringing water also contributes to fabrics becoming stiff over time.

How to wash terry towels

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  1. When washing by hand, use liquid detergents. They completely rinse out of the fabric and do not make the many loops of the terry heavy.
  2. In automatic mode, wash multi-colored towels at t 40°C, and white towels at t 60°C. Of course, colored towels should be washed separately from white or delicate pastels.
  3. Set the spin mode to approximately 500-600 rpm..
  4. Dry terry towels in a ventilated outdoor area with no direct sunlight.
  5. To wash in a machine, also use liquid detergents or capsules, which should be thrown directly into the drum with the laundry.
  6. Return softness and volume to terry towels Regular salt will help. Pour a few tablespoons of salt into a basin of warm water, put the towels in, and leave them there for several hours. Then, without rinsing off the salt residue, wring them out gently and hang to dry.

Additional tips:

  • A silicone-based rinse can also help increase the softness of your towels. The silicone layer will also keep the threads from thinning for a while.
  • Improving water quality and avoiding tough towel texture is also realistic during a cycle in the washer. Add three to four spoons of baking soda to the container. Or mix a special concentrate of baking soda and vinegar and pour it into the compartment of the washing machine tray.
  • Dirty towels waiting to be washed, put them separately from other things. The fact is that these bath paraphernalia are good at absorbing other stale and unpleasant “fragrances.
  • Large stains can be completely removed in machine or hand washing mode by pre-soaking the towels in soapy water for several hours.