Some Important Points to Consider for Move In-Out Cleaning Service
Posted by: Maid in Your Hometown on: July 30, 2020

At some point, businesses and people need to relocate themselves to newer locations. Naturally, they need that place cleaned before arriving. They also want their previous place to tidy up for future use or anyone else relocating there. Apartments, office space, etc. are some examples where re-locators hire move out cleaning services for the job. As a result, if you find any service easily, that makes a plus point for you.

A cleaning service is essential when tenants move out, or anyone else is moving in, at this point, cleaners clear the mess and clutter to make room for new arrivals. Service of such cleaners may vary depending on the location or the size of the place, and if you offer such services, you may want to start small and gradually build yourself in the industry. Job size of move out cleaning services ranges from floor sizes to working days in the establishment. Small jobs in this category include house or apartment cleaning for either arriving or moving tenants. Here are a few points you can look for before diving headfirst into the industry.

  • If you are among the ones offering move out cleaning services, then a safe bet is to start small and gradually build your services to a higher level. Start contacting local property managers, and if you are near a residential area, you will have no shortage of work.
  • Having prior experience in commercial or residential cleaning is a positive note for you, as clients prefer move out cleaning services that have a prompt response and skilled cleaners on duty. Cleaning services require the use of various methods and techniques to clean a location, and the service that has the skills will catch the eyes of a client.
  • For a better start, cooperate with an on-site supervisor through which you can calculate how much time you need to dedicate for cleaning. Supervisors present on a site know when it needs clearance, and as a provider of move out cleaning services, you can use that to your advantage.


Steps for Cleaning

Whether the location you are about to clean is residential or commercial, there are necessary steps you need to consider:

  • Determine the number of cleaners needed at the site. If a small team is able to clean it, then 4-5 cleaners will be more than enough. Similarly, designate the equipment according to cleaning requirements on site
  • Speed up the cleaning process by assigning personnel with appropriate skills when it comes to deep cleaning
  • Assign crew leaders with the responsibility of distributing and collecting the equipment used by move out cleaning services before and after the proceedings
  • Check for utilities in the building before starting your cleaning duty. You need to run water and electricity for your equipment.
  • Start with the clearance of massive clutter and junk present to have more space for other cleaning activities
  • First, vacuum the area to make it dust free and start from top to bottom. Start with windows and blinds, then go for accessories. For floors and walls, use detergents and cleaning agents that are non-toxic and do not produce any fading on painted (if any) walls
  • Make sure the cleaning crew has protective gear, as they may need to use targeted fumes or chemicals for heavy cleaning. Make sure the room is ventilated to avoid any breathing problem or buildup of chemicals inside
  • Use environmental friendly supplies like paper towels, dust rags, and microfiber cloth to clean quickly and in an environmentally friendly manner
  • Clean the floor at the last as all the dust and dirt during cleaning will fall on the floor that will make it easy for the crew to vacuum it and leave the premises clear

Checklist for Move out Cleaning Services

For Kitchen Cleaning

  • Sinks and fixtures
  • Countertops and backsplash
  • Cleaning of drawers and cabinets from inside and outside
  • The exterior of large appliances and interiors of ovens, microwave, and refrigerators
  • Moving the stove or fridge and clearing the area around it (required mostly as property management is involved with move out cleaning services)
  • Dusting, sweeping, mopping of floors, windows, blinds ledges, carpets, etc.

For Bathrooms

  • Cleaning toilets, showers, mirrors, countertops, sinks, and faucets
  • Sweeping and moping of bathroom floors

For Bedrooms

  • Dusting of ceiling fans and light fixtures
  • Clearing cobwebs and blinds
  • Sweeping all the indoor glass that includes mirrors, window glass, door glass, etc.
  • Trim work and molding of light switches and covers for outlets
  • Cleaning and dusting of doors, window frames, blinds, baseboards, air intake, and return vents
  • Sweeping and mopping of surfaces and floors

The above mentioned is an essential checklist for anyone offering move out cleaning services as a start. You can consider these necessary steps, start with your venture, and let your business shine from there.

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