Tidying up the house quickly and effortlessly

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The question of how the house should be cleaned is very important to many people. Some spend as little as 20-30 minutes cleaning, but every day. Others prefer to dedicate a whole day to tidying up, and spend their weekends. How should you clean your house so that you don’t exhaust yourself and don’t spend a lot of time? The main thing is a fighting mood and the help of the housemates.

It’s all about attitude.

It’s important to keep your mood elevated and even upbeat during chores around the house. Energetic music can help with the housework. You can put on your favorite CD, and then the work will go a lot more fun and be over faster. And one more thing – take a certain amount of time to clean, but every day. So you won’t be cluttered with junk and trash by the end of the week, and you won’t have to spend precious weekends on this little interesting activity.

Doing it fast

How do you clean your apartment quickly and efficiently? Set a timer for 15 minutes, and start cleaning. Let you spend exactly 15 minutes each day to clean one specific area of the apartment. This can be washing the floor in the hallway or bedroom, cleaning the kitchen, cleaning the plumbing. In essence, this kind of cleaning, but every day, is equal to a general cleaning, but once a week. So you save the weekend for your leisure and family, and do not get bogged down in dirt.

Quick house cleaning.

Try at least one week of timed cleaning for 15 minutes at a time, and you’ll see by Saturday that your apartment just doesn’t need to have a general cleaning, which usually takes several hours.

What’s the right way to clean your house?

Before you think about how to clean your apartment, you should think about how you can make your apartment less dirty.

First of all, you should put a rug in front of the door to wipe your shoes on it. This way less dirt will get into the apartment. Outer clothes should be shaken out in the hallway, and never taken into the rooms or the kitchen.

Proper house cleaning

To get less junk in the apartment, clothes and things for the country house should be taken there, and battered dishes and long time no one needs things simply throw out.

Choosing the right time

How to clean your home quickly and cleanly? The answer to this question is different for every housewife. But to make sure that the apartment is always clean, it is necessary to choose the right time for cleaning. Experienced hostesses know that it is better to clean every day, for example, after work, distributing the responsibilities between the housemates. If one does the dishes after dinner, and the other vacuums, it will be a minimum of time spent, and the effect will be visible.

Cleaning the house together

As for the right time, it is better to leave the cleaning for the evening, when all the household will gather after the work day, and it will be possible to use their free time effectively. It only takes half an hour to wash the floors in the apartment, and there is absolutely no need to do it on the weekend.

Plan of Action.

What is the right way to clean your house? First you should draw up a cleaning plan. You should clean your apartment in stages. Usually cleaning begins with putting away scattered things and sorting dirty laundry. Things should be placed in their places, and the washing machine is started with the laundry. This way you kill two birds with one stone. Next, move on to dusting and sweeping the floors. When the carpets are vacuumed, you can wash the floors and shoes.

Apartment cleaning plan.

Cleaning is a fun ritual

Your children can do chores that they enjoy. If your child enjoys dusting or wiping down mirrors, give them a job to do. This way, it won’t become a chore, but a fun activity. By yourself at the same time you can cook dinner or wash the floors. Make cleaning as a family, all together is much more fun. And as a reward, you can make pizza. Although, of course, you can clean your apartment for money, but doing it yourself is much easier and more economical.

Helping kids clean the house

Keeping the house clean

But you have to keep your house clean every day. Make sure you take out the trash every day, don’t eat in the rooms, and wipe down the kitchen tables at night. Do not buy your children too many toys, so that they do not have to collect them all over the apartment. The same applies to various souvenirs – do not clutter up your apartment and make “dust collectors” out of shelves. This way it will be much easier to take care of your home.

Keeping your home clean

If you still don’t have a basket or drawer for dirty laundry, it’s time to buy such a necessary thing. In many homes you see piles of clothes on chairs and sofas. It would seem and put a sweater in the car with nothing, but also put it on you do not want to wear it anymore. Either immediately put things in the closet, or put them in the laundry basket.

Guests on the doorstep

So, you come home from work, and they tell you that there will be guests on your doorstep in an hour. It is not necessary to panic and grasp everything at once. But without the help of the family in this situation can not do. Quickly give everyone a task – before the arrival of guests is enough to put things lying around in their places and wipe the dust. If you have time, you can quickly vacuum the carpets and rugs. All this will take you about half an hour, and you’ll even have time to make something yummy for tea.

Guests on the doorstep.

Cleaning the house is not a monotonous chore that turns into bondage over the years. Cleaning the apartment can take a minimum of time if you distribute your energy properly and ask your children and husband for help.