Wet cleaning the floor: how to do it effectively and quickly?

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It would seem that the most uncomplicated stage of apartment cleaning is cleaning the floors. What could be the subtleties, complexities and, moreover, secrets? However, some people’s floors are constantly sparkling with cleanliness, and in some houses lumps of dust are constantly gathering in the corners, someone spends 15-20 minutes on this activity, but for someone it’s a job for the whole day. Therefore, in order to make clean floors in your home a normal and habitual state, you need to follow a few tricks.

Washing the floor in different areas of the apartment.

There are some nuances to remember about cleaning floors in different areas of the apartment:

  1. In the kitchen area, as the dirtiest space, it is imperative that all small and food debris be thoroughly swept up before wet cleaning. If necessary, you should soak dried or greasy soiling on the floor surface before fully cleaning the floor.
  2. Before Floor washing In the bathroom, you also need to go over the entire surface with a broom or vacuum cleaner. Since the bathroom floor is where the most hair and fur accumulates (if you have a pet), you need to pick it up before you wash it. Otherwise, all your mop will be in tangles of hair and hair, and later cleaning it will be another “pleasure”. After washing be sure to wipe the bathroom floor dry, so as not to slip and not to be injured on the slippery tile surface.
  3. Leave cleaning the hallway or hallway to the final stage of cleaning the floors in the house. The area near the front door is also a rather dirty area. And to avoid carrying street dust and dirt into the living areas of the apartment, take on cleaning the floors. there at the very end.

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Floor cleaning equipment
Floor cleaning equipment

How do you effectively scrub a floor?

  1. To clean the floor quickly and easily, before you start, remove all small objects from the floor, move chairs to another room, put all the children’s toys in short, clear the space to work in.
  2. Before the stage. Wet cleaning Don’t forget to sweep or vacuum the floor well.
  3. If you want to get rid of germs and bacteria effectively, add a couple of caps of detergent to a bucket of water. Its advantage is that it does not leave streaks on the floor and does not damage the vulnerable coating of the floor (laminate or parquet).
  4. Start scrubbing the floor from the farthest corners and areas of the room. And gradually work your way out of the room. The less you walk on an already scrubbed floor, the faster and more efficient the cleaning will be.
  5. If you’re using a sponge-based mop, wash the floor in even, parallel motions, similar to vacuuming.
  6. Remember that too much water on some coatings can damage their surface. Squeeze the mop cloth or sponge well.
  7. Not only does regular wet cleaning depend on a tidy interior, but a healthy environment for living without allergies or headaches.

This is something to remember! If you have small children or pets, be sure to wipe the floor surface with clean water after washing your floors with a chemical cleaner.

A mop of the right size will help reduce strain on your back! Remember, if the handle of the mop reaches up to your armpits, you’ve chosen the right height. When you’re wet mopping, draw a figure-of-eight pattern on the floor. That way all the debris is concentrated in the center of the room and can be picked up quickly and easily.