What are the Various Types of Cleaning Services?
Posted by: Maid in Your Hometown on: July 30, 2020

Cleaning services is an easy to start and lucrative business that does not have many hurdles as any other business. The best part about these services is that you can start quickly without needing too many technical skills. Over the years, commercial and house cleaning services have become available for residential and business services.

Various companies cater to the needs of their customers using new methods and equipment and fulfil the cleaning demands of their customers. Cleaning has now become an enormous industry that is quite rewarding because most people either hate doing themselves or do not know how to do it properly.

Over the years, various types of cleaning services have emerged from a single dusting activity to various residential and commercial types. These services fall into the following groups:

Types of Services

  • Residential Services

Residential services also referred to as house cleaner service or janitorial service is the most common type of cleaning service. Cleaning in this category includes general housework as well as clearance, spot treatment, and tidying that every home requires. The cleaning service may providing cleaning daily, weekly, or monthly based on the client’s requirements. Duties in residential cleaning include dusting, floor mopping, sanitizing of bathrooms and toilets, trash disposal, and vacuuming. A good thing about residential cleaning is that you can easily get clients if you market your service correctly. The service requires minimum investment to start and hire cleaners as the techniques and methods are quite basic. Other services in this category include post/pre-renovation and tenancy cleaning, and the various services make this category a valuable service to include in the cleaning business.

  • Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning is another common category besides residential cleaning services and includes cleaning office premises, commercial buildings, apartments, etc. This type of service is also a rewarding category, as offices require janitorial staff on a daily or weekly basis. This service requires working when there is no interruption like after shift hours or weekends. Since many offices have bathrooms and kitchens, residential cleaning is also a part of this category. The business or office manager schedules the cleaning timings in accordance with the office hours, so both the operations and cleaning are not interrupted in any way. If you are in a cleaning business, then obtaining contracts for commercial cleaning might be hard, and you need to maintain the quality of your services to keep a long-term relationship with commercial clients.

  • Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is a new trend in cleaning services as many residential and commercial settings use floor-length carpets that keep their floors clean. However, the carpets do get dusty with time, and that requires timely cleaning. Carpet cleaning includes dusting, washing, and sanitization of carpets at homes or offices. Cleaning companies have the expertise, the equipment and products to complete the task.

  • Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is a service that requires high expertise as many residential and commercial buildings have high windows that need cleaning from the outside. Window cleaning service requires special equipment that cleans not just windows, but also protects workers when working at high altitudes. Success in this niche comes in providing specialized window services aside from other services that offer packaged deals in their services.

  • Restoration Cleaning

This is the type of cleaning service is suitable for clients whose homes or valuables have suffered damage from disasters like earthquakes or floods. Companies that specialise in disaster/restoration cleaning means they have adequate knowledge of damage cleaning (fire, water, or smoke damage). The companies the offer these services often work in collaboration with insurance companies and contractors for swift and quality restoration. One of the chief benefits of this type of service is that you become a part of the community-rebuilding sector and help restore the lives of those that suffer in disasters. Hard work and dedication leads to excellent rewards, both financially and spiritually.

  • Other Cleaning Services

Deep Cleaning: This cleaning trend is now more popular than ever with cleaning standards growing higher. A deep cleaning service is for industrial kitchens that require regular cleaning of utensils and equipment.

Clinical Cleaning: Clinical cleaning is a highly sensitive cleaning service that requires unique sanitizing material aimed at hospitals and clinics to ensure proper hygiene protocols are followed. Procedures of infection control allow cleaners to ensure that infections don’t spread. They do so by using high-quality temperature, fogging, and steam techniques.

Car Washing: Car washing stands as a staple in cleaning services for companies that specialise in various cleaning activities.  Many people prefer to wash their cars at home, and a cleaning company with experts in this niche are in great demand.

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