Why Green Cleaning Products are Worth Considering Cleaning Services
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Environmental degradation is one of the worst implications of human activity, and impacts continue to be felt to date. The greenhouse effect contributes to the problem since it results from air pollution (Campbell-Lendrum & Prüss-Ustün, 2019). Using toxic cleaning supplies; at home, in the office, or in any other activity and institutions has been the tradition. As an outcome, lethal waste: solid, gas, and liquid, ends up polluting the environment. However, shifting to greener products in cleaning helps achieve a better environmental outcome. Also, it supports individual development while it is economical. Reaping the benefits of creativity and cost-sharing are factors that drive the transition from toxic cleaning materials to more environmentally friendly supplies.

Thinking green in the cleaning product’s context should be the way to go since it sharpens creativity and economical. Given that some of the ingredients and materials used in manufacturing eco-friendly agents are readily available, one can test their creativity by making more ingredients and cleaning materials (Sdrolia & Zarotiadis, 2019). With effective self-made cleaning green-products, an individual needs not to purchase the supplies; saving cost and time. Given that the self-made products are customizable, it is easy coming up with green cleaning agents that meet their needs. Therefore, the transition to green cleaning agents will help create a healthier environment and enhance creativity and save time and cost.

In a nutshell, the economic cost, and individual growth tied to green cleaning supplies should motivate people to adopt the products. Since most of the materials used in manufacturing ingredients used in the products are available, one can test their creativity by coming up with eco-friendly cleaning products. One can manufacture a product that best suits their needs. As an outcome, they will no longer waste time or money they would have spent shopping. The advantages are not achievable if one chose the traditional cleaning materials over the green. It is worth shifting to green thinking as it is more life efficient than the conventional cleaning techniques and methods.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products: Argumentative Essay

Introduction and Thesis

The shift towards environmentally friendly cleaning products occurs as one of the most equivocal topics that have generated immense debate across different societal contexts. This may be attributed to an array of proposing and opposing views developed about the topic. Of essence is the fact that climate change has become apparent across different settings; hence, modern-day society is conscious of the need to adopt actions to mitigate it. Cleaning products that are not environmentally friendly have been closely linked to the climate change being experienced all around the globe. The main reason for the shift towards environmentally friendly cleaning products is because it enhances human health.


Environmentally friendly cleaning products limit the release of harmful substances into the environment, which is often contained in non-environmentally friendly cleaning agents. These harmful substances are linked to various conditions such as skin irritation, chemical poisoning, respiratory, and eye infections (Kocsis, 2009). The connoted disease conditions have adverse effects on the well-being of the populations. In fact, certain types of cancer are caused by chemicals contained in cleaning products that are not eco-friendly. Deductively, the shift towards environmentally friendly cleaning agents confers human health benefits by mitigating specific disease occurrences.


There are other reasons that justify the shift towards environmentally friendly cleaning products. These include the fact that such cleaning products ensure the overall safety of people as well as the environment (Gordon, 2011). Nonetheless, the health benefits tenable from the use of environmentally friendly cleaning products is the main reason they are fast gaining traction. Sustained human health ensures overall human productivity, which guarantees the continued development and progress of the human race.

Green Cleaning Products: Why More People Are Adopting Them

Cleaning products are central to any living space, and people consider them part of their lifestyle. Thus, when moving to a more sustainable habit, washing products must take precedence. More people choose to use environmentally friendly cleaning brands due to their low cost, health benefits, and extended household product lifespan. 

A financial incentive is a very effective motivator to switch commodities. People move to green cleansing products since they free up money for other uses. Manufacturers charge cheaper for them as they require less material to produce. Similarly, when people choose to manufacture cleaning commodities at home, the cost drops below synthetic chemical-based products (Siddique & Hossain, 2018). The low price makes eco-friendly cleaning products appeal to cynics of sustainable living.

Additionally, the natural ingredients used in green cleansing brands eliminate any chance of bodily reactions. Counterfeit products present alongside established varieties can have adverse effects on the body. However, eco-friendly cleaning products are safer since their natural ingredients do not negatively affect the body (Siddique & Hossain, 2018). Further, using green cleaning purifies the living quarters and alleviates respiratory issues related to contaminated air. Once customers realize they can live a healthy life by changing their cleaning products, they go exclusively green. 

Household utensils and surfaces also last longer when washed with environmentally-sound cleaning products. Rational people would instantly change their washing brands if using another would ensure their car seat or sofa wears less. Starting with high maintenance surfaces, such as sofa sets, car seats, and wallpapers, the regular client turns to green cleaning products for their entire home (Siddique & Hossain, 2018). Thus, as news of this benefit spread across communities, more people adopt them.

Green cleaning products are cheaper, safer, and softer on home surfaces. The more people use them, the higher their demand grows. Soon, legacy brands will produce a sustainable green cleaning product line and increase the public’s access to them.


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