General cleaning of the apartment: clean according to all the rules!

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General cleaning of the apartment – this is responsible and quite a large-scale event, the success of which depends on cleanliness and order in your home. Many people associate such cleaning with tedious washing of floors, dismantling of old things and spending a whole weekend to clean up. However, if you carry out general measures according to all the rules, cleaning becomes a fun activity that takes only a couple of hours.

General house cleaning: basic rules

With what to start the general cleaning of the apartment? Below are some useful tips that will allow you to put your home in order as quickly as possible.

  1. It is not necessary to clean a large apartment in the proud solitude. Involve the whole family in this useful activity! This way you can quickly distribute responsibilities and cleaning goes much faster (for example, one person can clean the floors and the other one can wipe the dust).
  2. Where do you start with general apartment cleaning? With cheerful music, of course! Cheerful songs make cleaning much more pleasant. If you want, you can play an entertainment or documentary program.
  3. If the weather permits, be sure to clean with the windows open, this will also ventilate the room.
  4. When cleaning floors, removing dirt from plumbing, try to use modern detergents and tools that will quickly remove even old stains, and with modern tools, you won’t have to exert undue effort.
  5. When using chemical-based products or those with strong abrasive components, it is advisable to study the instructions for use beforehand. Otherwise, you may simply damage the plumbing or other surfaces.
  6. General cleaning of the room – it is not only cleaning all surfaces of dust and other contaminants, but also sorting all things, throwing out the clothes, papers and other small things that have become unnecessary. You will see that after a properly carried out general cleaning your room became much more spacious, freed up a lot of space.
  7. For the convenience of cleaning, it is recommended to divide the room into zones: this way it will be much easier for you to put things in order in individual rooms. Try to focus on each room and not move from one room to another while you are cleaning.
  8. Want to save time? Don’t get distracted by the little things! Don’t look at jewelry and souvenirs while dusting or trying things on while cleaning out your closet.

Where to start general apartment cleaning: cleaning the closets

To begin with, the closets and kitchen cupboards should be sorted out. If necessary, dirty dishes should be washed and dried, and dust should be wiped off the shelves.

Washing textiles is another step in the general cleaning. Curtains and drapes are best removed and washed first. If the covers on upholstered furniture are very dirty, it is also recommended to take them off and give them to a specialized dry cleaner, where the staff will remove the stains and give the upholstery an attractive appearance.

Cleaning your closets.

Washing the floors and wiping the dust

Now you know where to start a general cleaning of your room. After you’ve cleared the space, you can start the actual wet cleaning.

First, wipe off all dust from the surfaces (cabinets, dressers, tables, and so on). Pay special attention to glass surfaces: careless manipulation can result in unsightly streaks. To remove dust and dirt from glass, we recommend using special products for glass surfaces (the same rule applies to mirrors).

Washing the floors

Next you can proceed to wet cleaning. For this you can use not only an ordinary floor rag, but also a special wet vacuum cleaner. With a washing vacuum cleaner you can remove dirt not only from the floor, but also from the supporting structures.

Carpeting can be vacuumed with a regular vacuum cleaner.

A separate step is window cleaning.

Cleaning windows is quite a time-consuming activity, especially for owners of a multi-room apartment. If the room is too large, and you have to clean alone, it is recommended to allocate a separate day for such an activity.

Window Cleaning.

Remove dirt with a special cloth and detergent, in a pinch you can use an ordinary soapy solution. After you have finished cleaning the glass, pay attention to the window sills as well: a lot of dust usually accumulates on them.

Cleaning the bathroom.

General cleaning of the bathroom is another responsible activity. It is recommended to use special chemicals for ceramics and acrylic in this cleaning. If there is rust on the toilet bowl or sink, it is recommended to leave the product on the ceramic surface for the time specified in the instructions, then wash off the stain with clean water.

After cleaning the plumbing, wash the floors and ventilate the room.

In the final stages of the general cleaning, ventilate the room and remove any accumulated debris.

Cleaning the bathroom

Tools and gadgets for cleaning

If you have determined the scope and sequence of work, you can highlight for yourself the necessary tools that you will have to use in bringing cleanliness.

In advance, get a cloth that includes microfiber. This cloth effectively cleans mirror and glass surfaces without streaks, so you won’t have to use newspapers when cleaning windows.

The right gadgets for getting clean

Also, get large garbage bags: it’s much more convenient to take out one large bag rather than constantly walking around with small bags. Decided to mop your floors? If so, use a mop that has a squeegee function (you won’t have to bend over all the time, which means you’ll be less tired). With such a mop you do not have to bend over all the time, which means you will be much less tired.

Thus, general cleaning in an apartment or a country house is a large-scale event, but you should not be intimidated by the large amount of work: dividing the room into separate zones and using modern detergents you will quickly put order in the house.