Medical mask with their own hands: 3 simple ways.

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Situation in Ukraine with the organization of quarantine due to the threat of spread coronavirusThe advice of doctors is, to put it mildly, not easy. Elementary medical advice (self-isolate, be outdoors and in public places in a gauze bandage, clean your house more often and disinfect) immediately encounter difficulties – there are no gauze bandages in pharmacies. And if you manage to find a pharmacy where you can buy a gauze bandage, it costs now, as fashion accessories of famous brands.

What to do? Don’t panic, self-organize, and calmly deal with all the difficulties that create discomfort during quarantine. A gauze bandage can be made with your own hands. You don’t even need lessons in sewing – the task is so simple that everyone will be able to cope with it.

Specialists recommend that you do this as often as possible. wet cleaning and airing, this will allow you to clean your surroundings of viruses in a timely manner. On the page you can see a complete list of works that employees of cleaning companies perform general cleaning, and perform all the points on your own.

How to properly wear a gauze bandage

medical mask
How to properly wear a medical mask

Viruses are transmitted by airborne droplets, and the role of the mask is to prevent droplets of liquid, saliva from spreading when you sneeze. The basic rules for wearing a mask are as follows:

  • The mask should fit tightly to the skin (not dangle on the face for a tick!), not slip and not slip off, but at the same time not chafe;
  • It is forbidden to touch the bandage with your hands – otherwise you can get an infection in your body through your mouth, eyes;
  • Put the mask on with clean hands, and when taking it off, touch only the ties (not the main fabric!). After removing the mask, throw it in the trash immediately and wash your hands with soap and water for 30 seconds;
  • The disposable mask is designed to be worn for 2 hours – after that it will harm you, so take this rule seriously. You are not allowed to reapply the mask..

Who needs to wear a mask?

Wearing a mask is a must for anyone who feels the slightest symptoms of respiratory illness. Even if you’re sure you don’t have the flu virus, but have a runny nose, a cough, you should wear a mask – and not just during a pandemic. Make it your new healthy habit.

The mask should always be worn by medics. And here we can only talk about surgical masks or respirators. What is the difference between them – we’ll talk a little later.

Also wearing a mask during a pandemic is mandatory for those who work in the service industry and have daily contact with large numbers of people. These are pharmacists in pharmacies and store and supermarket salespeople, delivery service couriers, and cleaning service specialists.

What kind of masks are available and what do they protect against?


Masks come in many forms, but there is a clear classification developed by the experts at the WHO. In particular, these types of masks require special attention:

  • Surgical mask. Surgeons wear one of these during surgeries – it has 4 layers, two outer layers, a filter and a special layer that protects against fluid penetration (including splashes, droplets of saliva, and aerosols). It will not protect against infection in the context of protection against the virus, but it is recommended to be worn by patients to minimize the risk of infecting others, including the doctor who will conduct the examination;
  • Regular medical masks. They consist of 3 layers – two outer layers and a filter. They do not have a layer that traps fluids. Also, like surgical, they will not protect against infection, but they are recommended for people with symptoms of respiratory disease;
  • Respirator #95. The most effective protection option, as it allows up to 86% retention of droplets. It is mandatory for medical professionals, especially family physicians and infectious disease specialists – who come in contact with patients or potential patients – to wear such masks. Coronavirus. If you do not feel symptoms and generally adhere to quarantine rules (avoid contact with others, keep your distance, leave the house only when necessary and wash your hands), you can do without a respirator.

Medical gauze mask

Medical gauze mask
Medical gauze mask

What will it take?

  1. Gauze (60×90 centimeters);
  2. absorbent cotton (15×15 centimeters);
  3. scissors.

You take gauze and fold cotton (one centimeter thick) into it and roll up three layers. The top and bottom layers are carefully tucked, and then you trim them. Your mask is ready! It is disposable and designed for a maximum of 2 hours, so make several at once.

Handmade mask out of bandages

Bandage Mask
Bandage Mask

What will it take?

  1. Bandages (14cm thick);
  2. absorbent cotton (14x14cm);
  3. scissors.

Measure out 60 centimeters of bandage and wrap a square of 1 centimeter thick absorbent cotton in it, folding the bandage in 4 times. Neatly twist the edges. The leftovers (80 centimeters) you will need for ties: roll them into a tube and pull through the top and bottom of the mask. The mask is ready – and you don’t even need a needle.

Paper mask

Paper towel
Paper towel

What will it take?

  1. A paper towel;
  2. Stationery gum – 2 pieces;
  3. office stapler.

A gauze mask with your own hands

If you find yourself in an office without marley and you need to go outside, everything you need for the mask is at your fingertips. Fold the paper towel “accordion”, on the edges of which we lay rubber bands – they will act as “ties”, fix the mask behind the ears. Fold the edges by 1 centimeter and staple them together. The most difficult thing in the simple process of making a paper mask is to make sure that the staple does not tear the rubber band.

Medical mask with your own hands – what do you need it for and what will it help with?

A special category of masks are homemade. Their effectiveness as a means of protection against the virus is not high (as well as medical conventional masks, in principle). But with the harsh conditions of the quarantine in Ukraine it will help you in another way – not to die of hunger, because without a mask you simply will not be allowed into the grocery store. So if you can not buy a mask in a pharmacy, you can easily make it with your own hands.

But the main thing is that the mask creates only illusory protection. So do not forget to wash your hands, try not to touch your face and follow the rules of hygiene at home and outdoors.

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