Decided to iron a leather skirt, jacket, but do not know how? Do it right

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Luxury leather products look great on the figure, emphasizing its advantages. But improper storage leads to the formation of folds, creases on the material, which can blur the impression made, to avoid this it is necessary to heed the recommendations of experts. Even an inexperienced hostess will be able to bring the thing to a proper look at home without difficulty, if she listens to the proven tips.

How to iron a leather thing without an iron

Leather is a delicate material that requires special care, because it is very easy to ruin an expensive product. How do you iron a leather garment without using an electric iron?

  1. It is worth trying just to hang a new piece of leather on hangers, so that under the weight of its own weight it straightens out. You can put the hanger in a closet, a loggia or in a room, but away from heaters. Within two days, the folds are usually straightened.
  2. How to iron a leather dress, skirt at home if the thing was stored incorrectly and lost its presentable appearance? With severe creases before you hang your favorite closet item on the hangers, it is worth treating the wrinkled areas applied to a cotton disk:
    • Vaseline;
    • glycerin;
    • Walnut or pine nut oil.

The oily substance restores elasticity to the leather, but here one should not overdo it, and when the softened areas have taken their original shape, wipe the surface with a soft, dry cloth, removing greasy traces. Hang the product in a dry room or outdoors, avoiding direct sunlight.

  1. Exposure to hot, humid air helps get rid of creases. Any leather garment: jacket, dress, skirt with creases formed hang on hangers in a room where hot steam helps get rid of creases. The procedure can be arranged:
    • in the bathroom, closing the door tightly and turning on the hot water, leaving the product for some time;
    • by hanging the item spread out over a basin of hot water;
    • using a steam room in a bathhouse, giving water to a stove.
  2. Use a press, straightening the product and placing a load (books) on the surface with dents.

How do you iron a leather dress with an iron so it doesn’t get ruined? (Comments from experts)

Not every wearer is willing to wait several days to get a leather garment in order. That is why you can use an iron, but the risk of spoiling the product with one wrong move is great. Desperate for such ironing, you should listen to the experts, who know exactly how to iron a leather skirt at home, this applies to both dresses and jackets made of natural material. They recommend strictly adhering to the sequence of actions:

  1. Turn the product inside out, straightening it on the ironing board.
  2. Lay out a thick cloth, wrapping paper or parchment for baking. Gauze is not suitable for this procedure.
  3. Set the iron to the lowest temperature on the soleplate, and turn off the steam.
  4. Carefully, without touching the hot surface, iron the wrinkled areas without any cloth or paper. Do not:
    • stop and hold the iron in one place;
    • to press the iron with force.
  5. Allow the ironed surface to cool, and only then proceed to another area. Do not rush, because the uncooled area can be deformed (stretched).
  6. Hang the product on hangers until the product cools completely. Only then you can wear and go out in a leather dress, coat, cloak or skirt.

The question arises, but is it possible to iron a leather product from the front side? Experienced hostesses answer positively, but you should do it carefully, only with a thick layer of paper or fabric. It is necessary to avoid touching the iron’s iron to the surface of the leather, because this is fraught with the risk of spoiling the appearance of your favorite thing.

Use a steam iron for ironing leather goods

If there is a device in the household, capable of getting rid of folds by the effects of steam, you need to know how to iron a leather skirt with its help. Spread out the product on the shoulders or on a horizontal surface can be ironed with an iron heated to full power by pressing the steam button. But keep the steamer or iron no closer than 15 cm to the leather surface. This method is indispensable when there are folds on pockets, collars, decorative trim details that are difficult to iron with an iron.

How to iron a leather item

When resorting to steam treatment, you should keep in mind that:

  • It will take up to 4 days for the product to dry;
  • The leather product may be treated with a protective water-repellent composition and under the influence of steam it is capable of being destroyed.

Important! Be sure to study the contents of the label, which contains information about proper care.

Crumpled leather bag? No problem…

If clothes can be hung on hangers or ironed according to instructions, it won’t help with a bag. How to iron a leather bag so as not to spoil your favorite accessory? It is necessary to stuff the bag with paper, rags and grease the dents and folds with an oily composition, leaving the product for a couple of hours in a well-ventilated room. You can also use a steam iron, which should be kept at a distance of 15 cm from the surface of the bag. After such ironing of the creases will not remain a trace.

Your favorite leather product, if you follow the described recommendations, will please the owner for a long time.