Advice for housewives on how to remove stains from wallpaper of different textures

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Even with a neat attitude to the environment can not avoid the appearance of dirt on the surface of the walls, what to say about the rooms where children live, seeking in their own way to correct the space. If you find grease marks or marvelous drawings resulting from the creative impulses of young artists, do not despair.

To save the situation will help the advice of housewives who know how to wash a stain on the wallpaper from their own experience and have tried these methods in action.

It is not superfluous to keep the insert attached to each roll, which contains information about the material from which the wall coverings are made, where also listed the acceptable ways of taking care of them. Manufacturer 1 wave denotes paper wallpaper, which can not be washed, two waves – the surface can be wiped with mild detergents, three – wallpaper, which can tolerate means with any detergents. Marking with a comb means that the surface of this type of wallpaper can withstand the mechanical impact of sponges, brushes and even a washing machine, as well as abrasive cleaners. This means that only vinyl, fleece and paper with a moisture-resistant coating can be washed.

Saving paper wallpaper from stains

Given the peculiar texture of the paper surface, it will not be possible to get rid of all stains safely, but it is still worth trying. The main condition is to try not to leave the dirt “for later”, because the chances of removing fresh traces immediately are much higher.

  1. If you find dried dirt on the paper wallpaper, you need to sweep the contamination with a brush with soft bristles. Then a slightly damp, rough sponge can be used to gently scrub away the remaining dirt.
  2. Having a melamine sponge solves the question of how to clean wallpaper stains simply. Wetted in a soapy solution, it easily removes light dirt.
  3. Mothers know how to clean a stain on the wallpaper from a simple or colored pencil. For this purpose, they use an eraser to wipe the stained area without fanaticism.
  4. You can get rid of a greasy stain with the help of fresh bread crumbs, which is warm and applied to the stained place. It is necessary to change the crumbs several times.
  5. Grease from wallpaper can be cleaned with a cloth soaked in purified gasoline. For heavy soiling, a mixture of tooth powder and purified gasoline is made.
  6. Housewives who know how to clean wallpaper from greasy stains recommend starch or chalk, which is applied to the dirt on paper or a cloth cloth and ironed. This is done several times, which allows you to effectively clean the surface, because the powder under the influence of hot temperature absorbs grease.
  7. Starch or tooth powder is also diluted with water to the consistency of sour cream, after which it is applied to the greasy mark, leaving this mixture for a day. The next day, the powder with the absorbed fat is removed.
  8. An iron and a cloth will help clean a wallpaper surface decorated with greasy splatters. The soleplate of the iron heated on the unity of the iron, iron the napkin, covering with it the stains on the wallpaper, until they disappear completely.
  9. Traces from a ballpoint pen can be tried to remove with alcohol, acetone or other solvent, which are applied to a sanitary wand and gently wipe the underlined place. It is not necessary to be especially zealous here, so as not to damage the paper layer.

What and how to clean a stain on vinyl wallpaper and vinyl wallpaper?

With a smile will take the question of how to clean wallpaper from stains, if the room is lined with dense wallpaper with an excellent protective coating. With such a surface to remove traces of grease, dirt and even a marker will be much easier than with paper wallpaper. Grease should be blotted with a well absorbent cloth or paper towel. Also a fresh, just planted stain is removed with a detergent solution, from “Fae” and water in a ratio of 1:10. Carefully sponge the composition on the surface of the wallpaper, and then wipe the place dry. If a long-standing grease stain is found on the waterproof surface, it can be cleaned with an old toothbrush instead of a sponge without fear.

How to clean a stain on wallpaper

Advice from hostesses who know how to clean wallpaper stains:

  1. Use white spirit purified gasoline or acetone to remove glue and paint.
  2. Dirty, greasy areas at the switch or outlet can be cleaned with a good foaming detergent, such as “Mr. Proper” or “Fairy”.
  3. White wallpaper with difficult grease and color stains can be cleaned with chlorine or quality oxygen bleach.
  4. Traces from water-based felt-tip pens or markers can be removed with a soapy solution, and alcohol-based ones with a solution of citric acid or vinegar.

By adopting the secrets of wise housewives how to wash stains from wallpaper, you can keep your home perfectly clean and procrastinate the time of repair.