How to store dill in the fridge to keep it fresh and spicy

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First of all, remember that the sun and heat are the main enemies for the useful trace elements stored in the greens. So keep them in a dark, cool place, such as the refrigerator.

There are many ways to store dill in the refrigerator, but our website serves only simple and effective recommendations.

Recipes for short-term storage of dill

If you like to eat fresh herbs, there are easy ways to store fresh dill:

  • The washed and chopped herbs are placed in a plastic bag along with a small bulb. Once a week, the container is ventilated and the bulb is replaced with a fresh one. If you need to keep the dill for several days, place it in a glass with clean water.
  • How do you store dill and parsley in the refrigerator so they don’t wilt? Soak a clean towel in cold water and wring it out so that it remains damp. Spread a thin layer of herbs over it, roll into a doodle, and place in the refrigerator.
  • An important point is how to properly store green dill, in order to maximize its pleasant aroma and useful substances. In this case, it is the container that plays a huge role. Clean dried dill should be placed in a pot or glass jar. It is important that the lid on any of the dishes tightly adhered to the surface and the surface of the container itself was opaque. This will reliably protect the greens from sunlight and moisture.

The bottom compartment of the refrigerator is also suitable for storing dill. With this method, you need to make sure that the greens are well dried, otherwise they may spoil. Wrap them in plain white paper, put them in a bag and you can put them in the fridge. Never use newspapers or magazines. Dill will come in contact with the printing inks, will pull from them harmful trace elements and can harm the health of your family in the future.

Recommendations for long-term storage of dill

During cold seasons, we need vitamins more than ever, and dill has a number of beneficial elements. To preserve them as much as possible, you can do the following:

  • Before storing dill for the winter. Thoroughly sort through them, but don’t wash them. Take cellophane bags and fill as desired. Important point: try to create a vacuum by letting all the air out. If you don’t, the moist air will turn into ice and shorten the storage time. Place the tied bag in the freezer.
  • There is another recipe for how to store dill in the freezer. Before freezing it should be washed, remove the roots and yellowed twigs. Then put in small bundles (so easier to use in winter), tightly wrapped in clingfilm and put in the freezer. The greens will retain their nutrients and appetizing appearance for at least six months.
  • To understand how to store dried dill for a long time, you need to prepare it properly. Wash, chop, spread out on clean paper or a towel, and leave to dry in the shade. Then place in a plastic or glass container.

How to store dill in the refrigerator for the winter video

Dill can be stored for six to eight months if the conditions are correct. Then it loses its flavor and spice properties.

Of the containers it is recommended to use:

  • Glass jar.
  • Plastic container.
  • Polyethylene bags.

Paper towels, foil, and food wrap will also work.

Now you know how to preserve this healthy gift of nature long and reliably and give your dishes a spring flavor even in winter.