How to get rid of weevils in the apartment

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Weevils are called red cockroaches. And the fight against them can become long and painful, if you do not know effective ways to destroy these insects. Why do weevils appear and how to get rid of them is described below.

Ways to fight them.

How to get rid of weevils in the apartment? The question has been topical for decades. The easiest and most reliable way is to call a pest control service. The specialists will help you to get rid of the insects fast enough. However, the disadvantage of this method is the significant financial costs.

The simplest and not expensive options include the use of various chemicals. For example:

  • Chemical crayons or pencils. A line is drawn in the areas where the cockroaches are most crowded. When the insect crosses the line, the venom enters the limbs, causing paralysis and its subsequent death. Results become noticeable on about day 4-5 of use. The most popular today is chalk “Mashenka”.
  • Another remedy against weevils is an aerosol. The pluses of their use can be attributed to the quick effect. When a cockroach comes into contact with the spray, it dies instantly. However, the remedy has significant disadvantages. First, it can not be used in the house where there are children and animals. Since it is quite toxic. And secondly, the drug does not destroy the eggs that have already managed to lay roaches. This means that the cockroaches can reappear. Sufficiently popular sprays are: “Dichlofos”, “Reid”, “Raptor”, “Combat”.
  • Treatment with a special gel (“Clean House”, “Knockout”, “Dochlox”). Sufficiently effective method in which the action of the poison begins not only when the insect swallows it, but also from simple contact. And this means, returning to congeners, begins to infect them. The product is absolutely safe for children and retains its properties for several months. Before applying, you should read the instructions carefully.
  • When fighting weevils, the use of traps has become almost a classic method. They are small boxes inside which there is poison. As in the case of gel, the insect not only dies itself, but also infects others. There are also traps similar in design, in which instead of the poison there is a sticker, to which the cockroach sticks. However, such houses are effective only when the number of insects is small.
  • There are also modern remedies against cockroaches in the apartment. For example – an ultrasonic repeller. It is a small device, working from the network. The principle of action is the effect of ultrasound on the insect. It is completely safe for people and animals. The disadvantages are the high cost and low efficiency.

Folk remedies

For people who do not want to use ready-made preparations or use insecticides to fight. The answer to the question: how to get the weevils out of the apartment? Will be the use of improvised means. It should be noted that these methods are less effective. They include:

  • Ammonia alcohol, the smell of which is quite strong in repelling cockroaches. It is recommended to add a few drops per bucket of water when cleaning floors. It is an effective, but preventive measure.
  • A poison against weevils using boric acid. To make it, you take chopped boiled potatoes, eggs and boric acid. Everything is mixed and placed in small balls around the apartment. The method will yield results only if access to water sources is completely isolated. Otherwise, even an infected cockroach will survive by drinking large amounts of liquid. You can work with acid only with gloves. Attention: the remedy is not safe for children and animals!
  • Freezing the apartment. The method is not quite usual, but quite effective. Since cockroaches cannot withstand temperatures below +10 degrees. It is carried out very simply. In winter, all the windows in the house are opened and left for about 8-9 hours. This time is enough to get rid of the insects completely. However, there are also disadvantages. Open windows in the apartment can lead to breakage of heating pipes.

To get rid of these insects for good, it is necessary to remember the main rule – it is to keep clean. Otherwise, none of the methods will not bring the desired result, and the cockroaches will return again.