How to clean the ceiling in the apartment?

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Even though we don’t walk on the ceiling and don’t keep any objects on it, it still needs regular cleaning. Even though you can’t see it, there is actually a lot of dust accumulating on the ceiling, which can even cause allergies later on.

That’s why cleaning the ceiling is a must for professional cleaning crews when cleaning apartments. Households often don’t even realize that there are dust “deposits” on their own snow-white ceiling, and even if they suspect about them, it’s not an easy task to safely reach the entire surface of the ceiling.

Also, be sure to consider the nature of the ceiling’s finish. This determines which method of cleaning will be appropriate in your particular case.

How to clean a ceiling painted with water-based emulsion paint

  1. So, if your ceiling is covered with water-based paint.Use a vacuum cleaner with a special dust removal nozzle. Try not to put too much pressure on the nozzle, so as not to leave scratches on the water-based paint. Remember, your main job is just to suck up all the dust;
  2. you can do the cleaning with a damp cloth or a clean rag. Use only a clean cloth surface so that stains from the textiles do not transfer to the ceiling and only slightly moisten the cloth so that no wet streaks are left on the ceiling;
  3. you can buy special wet wipes. Just don’t forget to test them on a low-visibility area of the ceiling before full use.

How to Clean an Oil Painted Ceiling

If you’re dealing with oil paint. on the surface of the ceiling, it is a somewhat outdated version of the ceiling coating, but in older homes it still has a place. It has the advantage of being easy and unassuming to clean. It can be fully cleaned with water and detergent. And it can even be cleaned with a traditional mop.

The ceiling is covered with polystyrene tiles

If your ceiling is covered with polystyrene tilesIt usually has a transparent protective film that makes it possible to clean the ceiling with a damp, clean cloth. Check this information by studying the composition on the label of such a tile or gently scraping a small area to see if there is such a film coating. If not, use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust.

How to clean a stretch ceiling

Stretch ceilings have some advantage over the usual and long-standing methods of ceiling covering – less dust is trapped on their surface. However, even these ceilings need to be cleaned periodically. And due to some vulnerability of stretch ceilings, it is necessary to follow a special technique for cleaning them:

  • Stretch ceilings can be cleaned with normal or special detergents;
  • Use only a soft cloth (flannel, microfibre or damp cloths) to clean the surface of the stretch ceiling;
  • Make light motions in the direction of the seam of the stretched fabric, after completing the cleaning, wipe the ceiling with a dry cloth;
  • Avoid any abrasive surface when washing the stretch ceiling. You can scratch or even make a hole in that ceiling.

Important Tips:

  1. Glossy stretch ceilings will bring back a mirror-like shine with detergent in the form of a spray containing alcohol.
  2. Always test the detergent on an inconspicuous area of the ceiling before a full ceiling cleaning.
  3. You can keep furniture and furnishings from dripping or dusting from the ceiling during cleaning by covering all important items with foil or oilcloth.
  4. If the ceiling is covered with water-based paint without acrylic or silicone in its composition, it should never be wet.