How to wash a crystal chandelier with pendants

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Chandeliers are in every home. They give light and decorate the interior. Especially spectacular are crystal chandeliers with a variety of pendants and consisting of many plates. However, they collect a lot of dust on themselves. More often than not, the question “how to wash a crystal chandelier with pendants?” arises when the lamp gets noticeably dirty. Therefore, you should periodically arrange a bath for the chandelier.

Some general tips

Crystal is very demanding to care for. Some actions can cause the material to lose its pleasing appearance, darken, be less transparent, stop transmitting and beautifully refracting light. Therefore, before you wash a crystal chandelier, you need to know how to do it correctly so as not to damage the product:

  • It is desirable to use antistatic agents, they repel dust. Then you will have to wash the chandelier less often and less dust will accumulate on it;
  • from hot water crystal darkens, for washing, you need to use only cool water;
  • Soap and many detergents leave unsightly streaks, use products that do not foam;
  • Use soft, lint-free cloths;
  • Do not use abrasive substances, as they scratch the material;
  • Periodically sweep up dust with a special broom or brush;
  • If the chandelier is washed without removing it, it must be turned off, as this is simply dangerous.

Dry cleaning

If there is not much dust, you can get by with dry cleaning. This is one way to clean a crystal chandelier without removing it. In this case, turn off the electricity, climb on a stepladder and gently sweep or wipe with a dry cloth. You can use a special anti-static brush. Dry cleaning is performed with cotton gloves so that no finger marks are left behind.

Dust hangers should be brushed gently so that they don’t sway too much. Otherwise they may scratch each other or even break on impact.

Dry cleaning the chandelier.

Damp cleaning with chandelier removal

If there is noticeable dirt, you will have to wash the chandelier. It is easier to do this if you disassemble and remove the chandelier.

First, you wipe the metal fixture with a damp cloth to remove the dust. Then it is wiped dry. If water is left on the metal, it will eventually begin to rust and the crystal will have unsightly brown streaks.

Cleaning a crystal chandelier with removal

The plates and pendants from the chandelier are washed in cool water, in which a special detergent for crystal is added. Such are sold in hardware stores. You can also make them yourself. Then they are rinsed in a vinegar solution, so that the plates and pendants shine. Crystal parts should be wiped dry with a lint-free cloth after washing to avoid leaving any streaks or stains on the surface. Now you can assemble the chandelier. You should also wear gloves when doing this. Otherwise, fingerprints will remain on the plates, and all the parts will have to be washed again.

Wet cleaning without removing the chandelier

It is not always possible to disassemble the chandelier. In this case, tips on how to wash a crystal chandelier without removing it will come in handy.

First of all, it is necessary to turn off the electricity. Then soaked in a special agent, lint-free cloth gently wipe the metal fittings. Then move on to the crystal parts. Carefully, moving from top to bottom, wipe the plates. Do not put too much pressure on them, because the parts are fragile and easy to break.

You can also do it another way. In this case, you need a spray gun. Pour detergent into it and spray the chandelier. To prevent water from getting into the sockets, unscrew the bulbs from them, and cover them with plastic bags. To bags do not fall down, they fasten with a rubber band. On the floor lay some waterproof material, such as oilcloth, as the liquid will drip on the floor.

Wet cleaning a crystal chandelier

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The most popular remedy is a mixture of ammonia and water. To 3 parts water add 1 part ammonia. The temperature of the water should not exceed 27 degrees, otherwise the crystal will darken. Such a concentrate is sprinkled on the chandelier. For washing, prepare another mixture: 1 tbsp. ammonia per 1 tbsp. water. In this mixture the parts of the chandelier are washed.

What else can be used to wash a crystal chandelier? A solution of vinegar and salt is prepared to give a shine. Add equal amounts of salt and vinegar to a basin with slightly warm water and stir well. Parts are washed alternately in this mixture with a soft cloth or gauze.

Crystal Cleaning Products

You can do with any other store cleaner designed for crystal. It should be used in accordance with the instructions.

This is all about how and what to wash a crystal chandelier. It’s not difficult and it doesn’t take long, but it does require care.