How to wash a velvet dress and take care of things

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The natural velvet material, whose threads are made of silk, is used to make home textiles and various garments. Velvet has unusual positive properties: it does not attract dust particles, does not cause irritation on the skin, does not contain chemical fibers and does not electrify. However, it is important to know how to wash a velvet dress or any other product, because the sensitive material requires special care.

Rules for washing a velvet dress

The safest and most effective way of how to wash a velvet dress is by dry cleaning. However, there are cases when there is no possibility to call for help from specialists. Can velvet clothes be washed at home? If certain rules are followed, the product of cotton or synthetic origin can be processed by own efforts, but if the velvet is silk or viscose, it is better to spend money and take the thing to the dry cleaner.

It is important to remember the following cleaning rules:

  • It is best to wash velvet by hand, gently going over the fabric in the direction of the fibers;
  • To avoid damaging the soft fibers, the product should be turned inside out;
  • Gentle gels or liquids can be used as cleaning agents, but not powders;
  • The optimum water temperature is 30 degrees;
  • Spinning of the item should be avoided;
  • If stains are noticeable on the dress, they should be removed in advance, before the main wash;
  • The recommended method of drying is on a horizontal surface in unfolded form.

Can a velvet dress be washed in the “machine wash”? Machine washing as a method of cleaning can be used only in extreme cases, as there is a possibility of coarsening the nap and shrinkage of the product. If a velvet dress has just hung in the closet for a few months, it is not necessary to wash it – just refresh its appearance by safe means (water treatment, steam, etc.).

Removing stains from velvet

In the question of how to properly wash a velvet dress, initially you should pay attention to the presence of visible stains on the item. If wax got on the thing, you can try wiping the material with a mixture of alcohol (vodka) and turpentine. Do it carefully, observing how the fabric reacts to cleaning agents.

There are other types of dirt on velvet, to cope with which will help improvised means. The main ones are:

  • Ammonia – an assistant in the fight against food stains on velvet products. The remedy (1 tbsp.) should be diluted in a glass of water. Soak a rag in the liquid and wipe the place of contamination with it. Experienced hostesses recommend holding the dress over steam or treating the fabric with a steamer.
  • Wine vinegar will help in how to wash velvet from grease. You should make a solution: 1 cup of heated water + a tablespoon of vinegar.
  • Ammonia solution + cold water (1 to 10). With the help of this remedy you can get rid of flaky areas on velvet fabric. Treat the areas with a brush or cotton swab. Be sure to rinse the dress with clean water after cleaning.

The listed ways on how to wash velvet items will help you clean your favorite item from difficult dirt quickly and without damaging the fabric.

How to properly dry a velvet garment

After velvet clothes are washed, you need to dry them properly. Do not twist the fabric, you should just spread it on a horizontal surface, covered with a soft towel that absorbs moisture well. The edges of the product are straightened, the dress is rolled up. At the same time, you should gently press the thing, so that the excess moisture remains on the towel. The procedure is repeated several times. If necessary, the wet towel is replaced with a dry one.

The roll of towel and dress should be left for half an hour, then unroll and shake the item. For the item to dry completely, you should leave it to lie on the surface with the pile up. Do not perform the procedure near heaters or open sunlight. After two hours, the garment will be completely dry, and then you can start ironing.

How to wash a velvet dress

Care and Ironing Techniques for Velvet Dresses

Before washing and ironing velvet, you need to assess the condition of the item. In some cases it is enough to refresh the fabric to make it look like new (if there is no visible dirt). To do this you will need a steamer. If the product has been in the closet for a long time, it is recommended to simply treat the material with a damp sponge. Experienced hostesses advise first getting rid of dust with a hair dryer, and then only proceed to wet cleaning.

If you do not have a steamer, you can hold the velvet garment over boiling water on the stove. To make the dress look even better, you can try stuffing it inside with soft cloth and steaming it. In addition, the care of velvet includes the procedure of combing the fabric with a brush in different directions (brush wet in gasoline).

How to wash and iron velvet

Good spreads the folds of the steamer, ironing is not recommended for this type of fabric. You can also try another proven method:

  1. Stack a blanket in several layers on a horizontal surface.
  2. Cover it with a cotton sheet, which should be pre-moistened with hot water.
  3. Attach the velvet piece with pins to the sheet spread out on the blanket.
  4. Cover the item with a dry, clean cloth (you can also use a sheet) and then a damp cloth.
  5. Leave it all on overnight. In the morning, the dress will look great.

Velvet items require special care: cleaning from stains, delicate washing, proper drying and ironing. With a competent approach to these processes, your favorite thing will delight you with its attractive appearance and freshness.