How to remove an olive oil stain

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Cooking, cosmetic procedures can leave marks that force one to puzzle over how to get rid of oily stains on clothing, towels or furnishings. Olive oil, recognized and actively used by cooks and beauticians, leaves stains on closet items that are difficult to remove. A small drop of olive oil on a piece of fabric can spread to impressive size. What steps must be taken to keep the stain from becoming a stubborn stain? How to deal with olive oil stains when the oil has had time to soak into the fabric fibers and dry? There are many ways to remove stains from sunflower, sea buckthorn, soy and olive oil, which are actively used by experienced housewives in the struggle for cleanliness.

What’s the best way to get olive oil out?

The viscous consistency of any vegetable oil complicates the process of getting rid of dirt, because it is impossible to dissolve it with water. The difficulty arises later, when having ignored or failed to notice the oily stain, you have to deal with thickened and hardened traces. Ordinary washing will not cope with oily dirt, because after it remains shiny stains on the clothes.

Fresh vegetable oil stains are the easiest to deal with. Therefore, you should know how to remove an olive oil stain before it has time to soak in. Initial steps to take when you find a fresh olive oil stain:

  1. Sprinkle generously with fine table salt on the soiled area, periodically changing the salt with a fresh portion. You can help with gentle rubbing motions. Due to the excellent hygroscopic properties of salt, its crystals absorb oil from the surface of the fabric.
  2. Apply a paper towel or napkin, changing periodically to a dry area to allow the oil residue to soak into the paper.
  3. Roll a crumb of bread and apply to a fresh olive oil stain on the garment, changing the balls.
  4. Sprinkle starch or ground chalk on the fresh stain so that the grits cover not only the stain but also the area beyond.
  5. Mustard powder is poured on the stain, shaken off after 5 minutes, and the soiled area soaped with laundry soap using a brush. Then sprinkle again dry mustard, and the procedure is repeated until the oily stain is completely gone.

After the manipulation is done, the contamination is generously soaped with laundry soap and washed the area before sending the product into the drum of the washing machine.

How to Launder Olive Oil from Clothes When the Stain is Embedded

It is problematic to remove stubborn stains from vegetable oils, but in the arsenal of experienced hostesses there are secrets that allow you to remove and such pollution. In the question of how to remove olive oil from clothes, you can choose to use store remedies or resort to folk methods.

Washing olive oil with supermarket remedies

Examining the contents of the supermarket shelves, you can choose a product based on your budget and the type of fabric on which vegetable oil marks have appeared.

  1. Affordable Antipyatin laundry soap can easily deal with even stale, oily stains. The olive oil stain is soaped and left alone for 2 hours, after which the product is washed in the manner indicated on the label.
  2. Based on available finances, you can use stain removers that have proven themselves perfectly – these are “Frau Schmidt”, “Vanish”, “Ecover”, “Amway Pre Wash”, “Sarma Active”, “Minutka”, “Udalix Ultra”.

What to Launder Olive Oil With

Zealous housewives can, as opposed to the means of the chemical industry, offer decent versions of stain removers of their own production, which will cost less, but the effect of their use is amazing.

Folk remedies in the fight against olive oil and machine oil stains

In the household are always on hand ingredients or ready-made means that will effectively get rid of oily dirt. Small tricks can get rid of not only vegetable stains, but also hard to remove machine oil.

  1. Leading in simplicity and affordability is dishwashing gel, which is applied to the stain, rubbed in and left alone for an hour, after which the item must be washed in the usual way.
  2. A mush of grated laundry soap, ammonia alcohol and turpentine. Soap shavings are diluted with turpentine to a mushy state, a couple of drops of ammonia are added and the resulting composition is applied to the oily stain for a quarter of an hour. The composition is removed with a wet sponge or hot water, then the thing is sent to the washing machine.
  3. Purified gasoline will help get rid of olive oil on clothes. To do this, cover the contamination from the front with a clean cotton cloth, rolled up in several layers. Turn the product and from the wrong side apply a cotton pad or sanitary stick cleaned gasoline on the contour of the stain.
  4. Thermal treatment of an oily stain is relevant in cases where the item cannot be washed in the usual way. Starch, ground chalk, talc, salt “Extra”, soda are poured on both sides of the fabric with a stain, pre-spread under the product cloth or paper napkin. Covered with a cloth or cotton cloth on top of the loose composition is ironed with a hot iron. Under the influence of hot temperatures, the oily compounds are absorbed into the sprinkles.
  5. A mixture of purified gasoline and starch (potato flour) of a sour creamy consistency is applied to the stain until it is completely dry. After a stiff brush is scrubbed the composition from the place of pollution, washed by hand with laundry soap and then sent to the washing machine.

How to get out an olive oil stain

Looking at the advice of experts, the question of how to remove olive oil stain is solved quite simply. Every housewife can easily get rid of stains on clothes, furniture upholstery or car without resorting to dry cleaning services.