How to remove pen paste from jeans quickly and efficiently

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Statistically, one in fifty pens is bound to leak. If such a nuisance happens, especially when the ink contaminates your favorite jeans, the question immediately arises – how best and quickly to deal with this problem? Ink stains are very difficult to remove. Trying to wash or scrub as quickly as possible while the pollution is still fresh, you make it only worse – the pen stain will spread even more. And it does not want to be removed. How to wash paste from jeans quickly and without much effort – tell this article.

Getting rid of stains at home

There are several effective ways to get rid of ink at home. These include a mixture of ethyl alcohol and acetone, Vanish or Amway household cleaners, and a mixture of alcohol and salt.

It is very important to wear gloves on your hands before using acetone and alcohol to avoid chemical burns. The mixture should be made in equal proportions. The resulting solution with the use of a brush is wiped contaminated place on jeans. If you remove a fully dried stain, it makes sense to iron this area of the garment, which will facilitate the fight with the pollution.

Vanish and Amway household cleaners have shown good results. Be sure to read the instructions before using them. It is recommended to wear rubber gloves, because despite the apparent safety of household chemicals, it is quite possible to get burned.

Another effective way to remove paste from jeans is to use a mixture of table salt and alcohol. First, the place of contamination is treated with alcohol. And then some salt is poured on it. Instead of alcohol, you can also use citric acid. Another good substitute can be table vinegar.

The most common remedy for removing any type of stain is ammonia alcohol. It is recommended to use in combination with hydrogen peroxide, turpentine, baking soda or lemon juice. It is also possible to use it in its pure form. Excellent results are achieved when it is used in the fight against old stains.

Alternative ways to get rid of stains

How do you remove a pen from jeans if you don’t have alcohol or acetone at home? In a course you can use universal stain removers pencils. They are produced by a very large number of cosmetic companies. The place with a stain is simply treated with the cleaning agent. This method is effective when dealing with small ink stains.

An alternative is dishwashing liquid, laundry soap or vodka. In the first two options, you should soap the spot with the stain very well and leave it that way for a short amount of time. When using vodka, a napkin or cloth is placed under the area with the pollution, to which the ink stain will transfer when treated with an alcoholic solution. After such a procedure, it makes sense to wash jeans in the machine.

Another chemical that effectively removes ink stains is white spirit solvent. It is treated with a cotton swab.

How to remove the paste from the pen on jeans, if it is gel, and the pollution itself is stale? The next chapter will tell you about that.

Fighting Gel Pen Stains.

In this case, it is recommended to use lemon juice or hydrogen peroxide. A good effect can also be achieved by using ammonia diluted with warm water.

It is worth trying to remove the stains with glycerin and denatured alcohol. Some solution containing alcohol can be mixed with these. Such a complex is used to remove tough stains.

In general, in cases of gel pen soiling, you should always be guided by its degree. Vinegar essence diluted in equal parts with lukewarm water is effective against particularly ingrained stains. Upon contact the ink blot on the clothes should begin to diminish in size, and gradually disappear altogether. For more results, you can sprinkle baking soda on top.

How do you get pen paste off jeans using regular milk? Very simple. The fabric should be soaked in it, and then washed in the machine. Instead of milk, you can use lemon juice. For the desired effect, it should be diluted with a good detergent. When fighting with ink, it is always worth remembering about some rules that will not allow you to ruin your clothes.

How to remove pen paste from jeans

Rules for removing ink stains

For the most effective stain removal, clothes should initially be washed in the machine. Sometimes this method alone will be enough. For this washing, you can use a regular powder, and for stubborn stains, you can use a stain remover.

Preliminary preparation of clothes includes the treatment of the problem area with a solution that contains alcohol. To enhance the effect, table salt is used. In the vast majority of cases, the stain should come out easily after that.

How do you get ballpoint pen ink out of jeans fastest? You need to use vinegar essence or citric acid. It will be great if the liquid is still preheated.

For red ink contamination, ammonia is used to remove it. For black and purple paste, acetone is the most suitable option. For light colors, a mixture of two solutions – ammonia and hydrogen peroxide – should be used.

Starch has an excellent absorbent property. And this ability is successfully used in cleaning things. It is sprinkled on the problem area. And the ink pulls very well out of the fabrics of the clothes. You can also use talc, or chalk. The principle of their action is the same.

How to wash the ink from the pen from jeans, and not to spoil them? Here you should stick to the old rule – try to use a new product first on an inconspicuous area of the clothes. If white traces begin to appear – it is a sign that it is necessary to use something else.

There are many remedies for how to wash paste off jeans quickly. The main thing is to always have them on hand. In the home drawer with household chemicals a normal housewife should always have stain removers, ammonia alcohol, white spirit, and citric acid.