How to remove cockroaches from the apartment quickly and forever

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The presence of cockroaches in the apartment is an unpleasant phenomenon, especially when they have settled in household items, gradually taking over the territory of the kitchen. How to remove cockroaches from the apartment permanently by popular methods?

Cockroaches – where do they come from?

If cockroaches show up in the kitchen, having access to water sources and food crumbs is enough to promise them, they won’t shy away from wallpaper glue, splattered oil and even dishwashing detergent.

For cockroaches, the optimum temperature in the apartment is above 15 degrees, and having hiding places will allow them to breed and hide their larvae. Pretty soon they will start hiding in appliances, and most likely it will be the microwave or the oven.

Cockroaches climb from entryways, neighboring apartments, through pipes and sewer holes, these insects are good swimmers and therefore can survive in water for long periods of time. Cockroaches are ubiquitous, so getting rid of them will not be easy.

How do you get roaches out of your apartment?

For cockroaches, the presence of water is more important than food, even if they managed to eat “poison” and at the same time drink liquid, the remedy will not work. What is the most important thing:

  • The kitchen must be clean and tidy;
  • No leftover food on the table or under the table;
  • Regular disinfection of the room, especially in hard-to-reach areas;
  • It is necessary to close faucets tightly at night, and to wipe the bathroom and sink dry with a towel.

Types of microwave cockroach control products

Popular ways to get cockroaches out of the microwave:

  1. Knead a mixture of flour and asbestos, the cockroaches will die due to clogged esophagus.
  2. Boric acid with flour and egg yolk works great on insects.
  3. Various “crayons” for controlling cockroaches also help, especially in the microwave.
  4. It is effective to treat appliances with special insecticides, which are sold in every grocery store.

How to get cockroaches out of your apartment fast

How to remove cockroaches from the apartment by affordable methods?

Today, there are many means that are actively used in the weeding of parasites. Aerosols, sprays work for 2-3 hours after spraying, but they have no effect on the deposited eggs of insects.

Another way to get cockroaches out of the apartment quickly? You can use toxic gels that are applied around the perimeter of the room, they kill all cockroaches, even those that have only touched the poison.

According to user reviews, the best means for eliminating insects are gels of the brands “Clean House”, “Raptor”, there are also different pencils, powders to deal with mustachioed tenants.

How to remove cockroaches from the apartment with folk remedies?

One common remedy is boric acid, you can buy it in the pharmacy at an affordable price. To prepare a decoction it is enough to take boric powder, potatoes and an egg, roll balls and place in the places where the insects appear.

Another available method is ammonia alcohol and arsenic, mix these components with powdered sugar and pour into crevices, holes in the bathroom and kitchen, touching all hard-to-reach places. You also need to wash the floors with ammonia alcohol, so that the smell takes the parasites out of the room.

Warning: cockroaches die at minus 10 degrees, so if you go away to your relatives for three days in winter and turn off the heating, you can get rid of cockroaches without any trouble.

Now you know how to remove black cockroaches from the apartment quickly and effectively, the main thing is to keep the house clean without creating conditions for the existence of parasites!